I am sick of the Anti-Obama attack ads with no positive assertion of Romney’s abilities or concrete plans for the future. Thanks to the extremely right leaning arrogant Anti-Obama, Supreme Court. Thanks to Justice Roberts and his Tea Party cronies on the bench and their wholesale transformation of the American political terrain. American elections will forever be bought  by those who have the most money or the ability to roil and confuse the minds of the citizenry! 

Six of the nine justices of the attend the dur...

Six of the nine justices of the attend the during a joint session of Congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It might be enough for many that Romney is a super rich white dude who has gray hairs and looks Presidential, or sufficient that he has run a business that was lucrative for his share holders. However, now that he is the presumptive nominee, I think we need more than these awful ads. What did Romney do when he was Governor of Massachusetts?? Did they have job growth? What can he do at the National level. The elections should be about that too. What has he done and what is he capable of doing based on his past record.

This assault by the Super pacs is effrontery of the highest order because it challenges our very ability to think through the smoke filled drivel thrust at us, as it were like feces thrown at a crowd by an organized group of thugs.

I think the strategy is to reduce turnout because with this amount of negativity some people might be so chagrined or depressed that they decide to stay home. No, not I 🙂 < Shakespeare me thinks.

What has Romney done? What made him so unpopular in MA that he could not have won a second term? What has he done other than the special Olympics and why is this all about negative and no positive.

I am aghast that Karl Rove is in the picture for Romney. It makes me quite sick. Most people know Rove can and will do anything to get his candidate elected and so I do not know what that portends for Obama, I hope he is watchful and astute. Obama, I mean.

As I sign off today, I wonder about the Supreme Court and the evil they have unleashed in America. Our democracy should not be controlled by errant fat cats, corporations and the wealthy. As it stands, this electoral process is not a government of the people by the People for the People.

My parents who were both Lawyers believed in the American system of governance for America. I am certain their views are now different.

If so much money is being spent to buy the soul of America, what is happening behind the scenes to manipulate the economy and make it flounder. At this rate, it seems that the loss of millions means nothing to these members of the wealth cabal except getting rid of the Champion of the poor and middle class, President Obama!

Should Romney win? I think not. This sheer attack and assault by members of the club of the wealthy and entitled charlatans cannot be allowed to complete the transformation of America in which we become zombies, subject to the machinations of the few that control the airways with their monies.

We are all American. It is a travesty for wealth to be allowed to define the election of the candidate most suitable for the position. For this reason, I hope many people will show their indignance at the polls by voting against the hegemony of the continued entitlement attitude of the so-called wealthiest members of this despicable cabal.

We should vote against this blatant coopting of our very right to determine our government. This assault on our minds is wrong in its most absolute sense.

The Romney Super Pac attacks are so sickening they feel like being forced to eat a nice smelling TURD. Crass!