President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain...

President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain in a press conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any reader of my blog knows that I am not a Mitt Romney fan. I did not think McCain could or would win,  but because of Romney’s wealth and desperation to go down into the annals of American history, I am concerned at the extent that he will go to win the elections.

People think Romney is worth about $200 million but I know he is probably worth a billion. He has been running for this office of quite a while and I know he is astute enough to emm cloak his money so that it does not become too much of an issue.

I like Obama for the reason I dislike Romney, and  for the reason many of us are increasingly distancing ourselves from the Republican brand. They do not seem to acknowledge the needs of majority of Americans and are still running the party like a good ol’ boys club! The party simply shoves people down our throats and  says “that’s all we gat”.

Obama is the President of the People. I have observed that leaders that help the middle class DO NOT fare very well. Mostly because ignorance is worn like a badge of honor in this country (apparently worn as proudly as the show about people without teeth who live in Swamps  😦 ). TV is not seen as a source of entertainment anymore and it is shown in the adulation of people who release sex tapes, and the mindless belief of the populace in so-called news which is merely opinions masquerading as fact.

I am worried because the Supreme Court has voted and it does not appear good. At least, if you listened to the pundits, it seemed bad for the Healthcare plan. The plan is a good one but for some inexplicable reason, Obama did not tout that monumental achievement.

I have read many of the judgments of Justices Scalia and Thomas and know that Thomas is super bright but might not be very stable. Scalia’s judgments seem to be copies of Thomas’ judgments but Scalia gets more press. Thomas is wrong in many of his positions but he is an excellent student of the law. He is a good lawyer and makes the great effort to defend the indefensible. Haha.. Some of his judgments read like that of a man in the wilderness with crazy hair. Knows the law but applies it in a horrid way.

Anyway, that being said. The Supreme Court is made up of activist judges on both sides. If Obama’s Healthcare Law is thrown out the consequences will be devastating for the middle class. Middle class folks like the provisions of the law (ALL the benefits) but do not like the law. Go figure! They do not know it.

I am writing about the Healthcare plan because the failure of the administration to defend it worries me. What does it portend for an election with a man desperate for the feather of President in his hat (Romney)?

Romney wants to be President because he is rich and thinks he should run America. I write this because he has changed on so many positions on issues, that if he were a friend, I would have stopped being his friend a long time ago. Yes, politicians are wafflers and change position but not a 360-shift while running for the Presidency, and not a shift in this Blatant manner. Romney will not be a good President. He lacks compassion and knowledge needed to run a country. No organization is run on money-making capability alone. A great amount of Emotional Intelligence is lacking in him. Fanning an anti-Obama sentiment and focusing on Obama is the only strategy they have and it is annoying and porous. They have no plan but attack. The negativity is galling and should be irritating to right thinking folk.

Focusing on Romney and tying him to the economy would cause Romney’s election bid to implode. And no, that is not far fetched. Because the media is framing the election in a certain way does not mean that is the best way. What would Romney have done differently? How did he run his businesses? What does he know about foreign policy. Why does he really want to be President.  These are just a few examples that should just shine the light on Romney.

I mean that if Romney’s mode of running his concerns in Bain could be effectively related to the economy, and all the other issues about his incompetence and inability to run a country were put in full view of the public and explained in rudimentary terms,  Romeny would lose. Romney has pounded his opponents into dust by running a horrible feces stench like campaign and that is NOT the American way.

I do not know what the Obama plan is but I hope they can make this a referendum about what type of President Romney would be and stop following the Republican script on the election. Karl Rove will do anything to win and Romney has kissed his ring.

If the Obama reelection folks continue to allow the debate to focus on Obama, then it does not look great. Yes, the economy and so many other things are in issue, but the thrust of the Obama campaign should be comparative. It should be… “See what I have done and see what Romney would have done based on his past exploits”. The differences will be stark!

On a personal note. I am tired of the Republican party just pulling a rabbit out of the hat at every election. The nomination does not have to be a “now its your turn” thing. Romney is as close to a liberal as we can ever get and if the economy were doing better, I would not even be writing this piece because his loss would be imminent.

I hope President Obama has a plan.  When dealing with the middle class whose minds are so malleable and so open to suggestion, a fool-proof plan must be in place. Romney has benefitted from the weeks of exposure. I can only hope that Obama will make the focus on Romney and what a horrible President Romney would make.

For the next election, following Obama’s reelection (by God’s grace) it appears there will be a good pool of fantastic Republican candidates. We wait for that time.

Until then, how dare the Republican establishment thrust this rich man with no apparent strength of national character, down our throats.

It is Obama’s election to lose. I hope he steps up and fights like a sophisticated warrior.

Have a great weekend yawl!