Follow the Republican party line?? Who made that STUOOPID rule and why?????

I think it is beyond idiotic for anyone to expect me to vote only for Republicans because I am registered as one. Obviously, I prefer the Republican party otherwise I would be a registered Democrat or an Independent. I am a Christian conservative and very conservative on a number of things. Being conservative on many issues meant that my views were more in line with the fundamental tenets of the Republican party. BUT I cannot be told what to do, based on some atrocious expectations based on my party affiliation!

For example, in the upcoming elections, I have read and watched everything thus far on the Republican side. However, quite frankly, I feel quite insulted that Romney and the rest of the comedy troupe is all they could come up with for this run. This is so typically American. The party is depending on the fact that there are some people who will just vote Republican in a thoughtless manner because they have been indoctrinated to vote along party lines. Hey, news flash, that is SO third world. We are meant to be a civilized society, right? Well, voting along party lines because of party lines is atrocious.

I am American and it is clear to me that the current President is not only doing a good job but is the best choice. In the quest to elect a leader to help us out of the quagmire created under Bush (whom I liked, supported and admired), we need Obama. The arguments posited by many of the Republicans are, at least to me, lacking in merit and for the most part simply political hoopla. Will gas really cost $2.00 under President Gingrich (I think Gingrich is the best of the current field).  Will Romney’s background in slaughtering companies and making money for shareholders be an asset to leading a country? Can a man so wealthy and so far removed from a hurting country be really expected to understand how to handle it?? America is not to be parsed up and sold. Yet, people who are so ardently Republican fail to question the transferability of this private sector knowledge, and most do not know how it would benefit us as a country.

Lastly, I wish the Republican field would stop making Republicans look bad. Saying inane things like “Obama has no leadership experience” seems really stupid. He has led the USA for over 3 years. What could be more leadership experience than that?

Truth be told, I vote my heart and conscience. I would have been happier if someone who truly was what he said he was stood on top of the Republican ticket. Even then, I believe that a President that Obama who has worked so hard to get us more stable should be allowed to complete his job.

When I supported George Bush, no one asked me if I did so because I was “elitist”. However, some people have asked me if I support Obama for a second term because he is Black. That kind of asinine questioning can only come from the empty stupidity and waste of emotional energy that fuels unthinking American politics.

I am bright, well read and knowledgeable. I will vote only for a President that will lead this country in the manner it should be led. Being a Conservative Republican does not mean that I am rabid, unreasonable and a follower of hysterical politicking.

I make my posts and observations based on reason and not on Glenn Beck’s (and others of his ilk) dances of wizardry and near insane ramblings.