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I have listened with great interest to those crying about the so-called ineffectiveness of the Bain attacks. I consider those so called attacks to be revelations, and they should be shared with the public. And the revelations are working, and will continue to work.

Mitt Romney’s sole claim to being qualified for the office of the Presidency is that he worked as the King of Bain, and consequently, can work magic with the economy even though the signs show that the economy, based on President Obama’s efforts are improving. Romney’s claims about his qualifications to be President are specious.

The revelation of the Mitt Romney resume with regard to Bain is great! He kept speaking about his job creation as King of Bain, and also laid claims to jobs that were created even AFTER he had left Bain. Many Americans do not understand venture capitalism nor this wealth creation for the rich, so it warrants a full expose of the bad since Romney wants us to tout the good alone. The silly response, thanks to the Corey Booker treachery, has now become that Obama is attacking capitalism! Attacking capitalism??? What a load of hogwash!! These asinine responses have not come directly from Romney himself who is undoubtedly preparing a response for the debates to his specious claims of job creation, but the responses to the revelations about Bain, are nonetheless silly.

As I have stated here, the elections are about the soul of the ordinary American. Romney who does not know or understand what happens to the needy and poor has readily signed unto the Ryan plan, a plan that is going to thrust Social services and other assistance into the hands of the capitalists. Not everything in government has to be run for profit!!  There is a compassionate side to being Commander-in-Chief and Head of State and Romney simply does not get it.

President Clinton in 2000 had the lowest unemployment rate in recent history and he was NOT a business man either. He like many other leaders simply got people who had brilliant ideas and listened to them. That is what leadership is about not creating wealth for the rich! The contention by Romney and the FOX News pansies including Corey Booker, who could become Romney’s running mate, that being a business man is a required qualification to turn around the economy of a country, is utter nonsense and I hope the Obama administration does not back off from its attacks. I however think that the strongest attacks should not be from President Obama, since he needs to look Presidential, but from his TOP surrogates.

Obama of course should continue to call public attention to Romney’s specious claims about job creation, and make it clear that the beneficiaries of these take overs were the owners of these ventures and Romney was not a job creator but a wealth maker for the rich.

The hypocrisy in politics galls me and it might be an index of the inability of people to think through the personal opinions. I listened to an angry CNN contributor who was a former Bain top executive as he excoriated Obama on not understanding the nature of Venture Capital  blah blah blah. It is stupid to make this averment because President Obama is a Harvard educated lawyer who is perfectly capable and does understand exactly what Mitt Romney did, and Obama has a duty to explain Bain and the King of pain Bain  to the American people in simple terms.

Romney’s so-called business acumen did not work for the State of Massachusetts as evinced in the increased deficits and low job creation on that state, while under his governance. Many American Presidents who have enjoyed periods of growth were not business men. George Bush came from a business based wealthy family, and like Romney he followed the Conservative agenda and the foreign policy of hawks like Cheney and Rumsfeld. Under Bush the economy was loosing 750,000 jobs a month as we were fighting 2 wars simultaneously. What did that Presidency bring to the US? I was a Bush supporter and know that his Presidency brought this country to its knees. He destroyed it in every way with no regulation for the Banks, fighting Bully wars to spread our American way of life and so-called democracy, and created the image of the USA as an angry oppressive bully. I was initially, a Bush supporter.

The attacks against Romney as King of Bain should not stop. Since he thinks that is all he needs to qualify as President, then he should take the full gamut of the bad with the good that came out of that venture.Since he took credit for jobs created after he left, he should also take credit for jobs lost after he did. It is a weak argument to say that nothing is 100% successful. Yes, we all know this as a truth however, the failures of such a project must also be shared. That is the equitable way in which this matter should be fought and declared to all.

Therefore, I say, the Obama folks should continue to explain that making wealth for the richest among us is not the same as creating jobs. The Bain record and Romney;s role as a maker of wealth for his friends should be scrutinized in detail. The reason for their (i.e. the Romney team) non support of the Lily Ledbetter equal pay Act is because they want to be perceived as being for the Employers and not the employees. This is also true of Romney’s time at Bain. He did his job and it was to cater to the top brass, period. Not a bad thing but he is misrepresenting his role in Bain.

Romney is a rich man, and no one begrudges him that, however, I do not want a President who does not understand anything about the middle class. It is clear that Romney has no clue nor will he be interested in the American middle class. He is 65 years old and has worked all his life to get the rich richer. This is Mitt Romney’s calling card and it will not change!  Romney is a man who seems to comport himself like he deserves to be President because of his wealth and nothing else, and that irritates most Americans. He is not likeable and does not come across as sincere or warm. He knows that only hope of beating Obama is if he can tout his fake credentials as a job creator AND if the economy stops improving.

I do not know about you, but I do not want to vote for someone whose election depends on the failure of the economy, a core part of our lives in America. I do not want to vote for a rich man who has no concept of what it is to work for ALL Americans.

Yes, the Bain “attacks” are working and should continue. Many Americans MUST understand what Romney’s so-called business background really is. To make money for your investors is not the same thing as being a job creator. The issue is… what was Romney’s job during the course of his entire career. It must be answered by the Obama administration. The answer to that question is easy. His job was to make money for the wealthy AND NOT JOB CREATION.

Romney wants to take us back to the Bush days of horror and numerous harrowing financial errors. All Romney knows and wants, from his remarks, is to continue his Bain career in the White House. Romney made the rich richer in Bain and the poor were wretched. He plans to deregulate and cater to the wealthy again. Romney thinks as Sarah Palin did, that seeing Russia from her window was all it took to have foreign policy credentials. Romney thinks that making money for the wealthy is what it takes to become President and Commander in Chief!!!

The Romney claims to have been the King of Bain and job creator are absurd ones. Obama should not let Romney continue with his half truths, and so Obama should continue with the revelations of the whole truth. The king of Bain’s entire career should be examined and revealed to all of America. The best Presidents who have created the best climates for employees and businesses have not been business men. We deserve to elect a President who understands the plight of the poor and middle class. We should not be forced to resurrect old Bush policies and elect a man whose sole qualification in his resume is that he made the rich richer!  America should not elect Mitt Romney.