About mumlawyerlettered2themax

I am a Lawyer but more importantly, I am a Mum, daughter, wife, sister etc. Hmmmm ... having lived outside of the US has given me, I realize, a very in-depth and unique perspective of the US and my life here. My experiences were, and sometimes are, very different from those of the average American, Black or White. I have found, I think in large part, this difference in outlook and attitude is because my world views were formed in a fun filled, affluent African family. We were called the African elite. :).. a distinction, I have found, that was used by the British to elevate some of us, and oppress others!!! But my society was happy, we got along and had great joy. It was a socially mature and wholesome society where people knew their neighbors names, worked but also lived and had joy and fun. The news was not full of gloom and we did not worship movie stars, or hold them to arbitrary baseless standards. Some of my family have lived here for a long time, and about seventy percent of my immediate and extended family is White. So my background is very rich and diverse, and full of a lot of love and warmth I write because it is cathartic and marks a time in my life when I have decided to share my musings and thoughts as I truly please. Now Toodles! Enjoy my write up and your day. :)