Sweet picture, but no, this is not the reason Romney should not become president. 
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I think the election should be a real and honest comparison between Romney and Obama, but so far, it has been shrill and hyper partisan. Romney was a HORRIBLE Governor in our State of Massachusetts and should not be allowed to run the Nation aground, in the manner he did our State. And I have outlined a FEW of the things he did to us– in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I used basic paragraphs, for easy reading/browsing. Do read/browse so you can get some facts on the Romney years in MA, and why he CANNOT govern better than Obama. Why? His record as Governor of Massachusetts was A-W-F-U-L.  And the assumption that he can be a better steward of our country than President Obama, is A patently FLAWED AND BASELESS BELIEF. Obama thus far, has been far better at governance than Romney ever was.. For more information and a comparative overview of Obama and Romney Click HERE!

1.  Out of the 25 freshmen Republican Governors rated by the Cato Institute on fiscal issues, Romney had the 2nd worst score!!

2.  His claims of being a job creator because of his venture capitalist experience, the same forum on which he is running on for President, never came through in MA. About the Romney years as governor and the situation in Massachusetts during his period as governor –the Boston Globe business columnist Steve Baily wrote that “there are 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than when Romney took over.” Yet the Romney folks have doctored some data to change this truth, a truth that remains documented on the Department of Labor website?????

3.  In addition, about Romney’s failure to create jobs in our State,  the Boston Herald’s business columnist, Bret Arends, who wrote, “During the four years Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in America…it wasn’t a regional issue. The rest of New England created nearly 200,000 jobs.”

4.  By Romney’s last year in office, Massachusetts was ranked by the Public Policy Institute of New York on its Cost of Doing Business Index, as the FOURTH most expensive state in which to do business in.  Data compiled by the Tax Foundation reveals that during Romney’s term, the per capita tax burden INCREASED from 9.3% to 9.9%, a .6% increase.  In real dollars, the per capita tax burden increased 1175.71 dollars during Romney’s term.

5.  It is also important to note that from 2001 to 2006, Massachusetts ranked 49th in the nation in job creation. Again, I do not know why the Romney campaign is spinning the figures for the unemployment rate, and pegging it as of 4.7%, and this was in a “Good” Pre-Recession economy. That is a false representation and fake Math.

6.  Between July 2002 and July 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that  222,000 MORE residents left Massachusetts. That was one of the HIGHEST population losses in the country. The out-migration was a  significant contributor to the state’s declining unemployment rate, said Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at  Northeastern University.

7.  Here is another important fact. Another way to judge a state’s economy is to look at its Gross State Product and these statistics are kept by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Between 2001-2005, the percent GSP increase for Massachusetts was an anemic 8.44%, one of the LOWEST five-years increases in the country – 44th out of 50 states.

8.  As for the claim that Romney did not increase taxes, that is an absolute FALSEHOOD!! Governor Romney passed a host of new tax and fee increases, hitting the corporate world hard and devastating job creation. As Peter Nicholas, chairman of Boston Science Corporation, stated, “tax rates on many corporations almost DOUBLED because of legislation supported by Romney.”

9.  Romney also raised taxes on business again in 2004 and 2005, for a total of 309 million dollars on the CORPORATE sector–the job creators he claimed he would assist with his venture capitalist business acumen. Later, he increased taxes on business property ), and even attempted to raise taxes on hotels (but was stopped by the DEMOCRATIC legislature!).

10.  As Governor, Mitt Romney joined a coalition lobbying congress to tax internet activity, and strongly supported a TAX on out-of-state commuters.

11. The Cato Institute reported that in his first year as Governor, Romney “proposed 140 [million] dollars in business tax hikes through the closing of ‘loopholes’ in the tax code.” As Nicholas explains, “Romney’s tax policies were not helpful for many small businesses…when Romney took many IRS subchapter S businesses in Massachusetts and almost doubled their tax rates, it was an important DISINCENTIVE to investment, growth and job creation.”.

Yes, this was part of his mismanagement of our State, can you imagine what he could do on a National level.

12.  Romney did not reduce ANY of the taxes Massachusetts imposes on its citizens, even though the previous two Republican Governors, William Weld and Paul Cellucci, were both able to reduce tax rates. As Governor Cellucci stated that Romney “did NOT have any broad-based tax cuts in his four years as Governor.” Romney raised over a hundred different fees and taxes, the two previous Republican Governors signed more than 40 tax reduction bills, even though Democrats controlled the legislature.

13.  Also, let us remember that Romney refused to support the Bush tax cuts while Governor, and when campaigning for Governor, refused to sign the now famous “no new taxes” pledge, and he stated that it was “government by gimmickry.”

He suddenly signed the pledge when he began to campaign for the presidency!!

14.  As for being a fiscal Conservative, Romney is not one either. The Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation stated that Romney “proposed four budgets while in office…each budget increased spending over the previous year.”  As Club for Growth echoed, Romney’s last budget “was a whopping 10.12% larger than the preceding fiscal year.” Romney dramatically initiated massive new spending –without any prodding.”

15. The alleged budget surplus Romney claims that he left in Massachusetts is also mythical. Romney didn’t “turn a 3 billion dollar deficit into a nearly $1 billion surplus.” Rather, the deficit was 1.3 billion according to and he balanced the budget with mostly tax and fee increases with very little spending cuts. The Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation and the conservative Massachusetts think tank, Beacon Hill Institute, both challenged that notion. In fact, Romney left a billion dollar deficit for his successor.

16.  As if impoverishing his own taxpayers were not bad enough, Romney’s March 5, 2003 signature raised taxes on non-residents retroactive to that Jan. 1. Perpetrating taxation without representation. In the law endorsed by Romney, any gross income derived from any trade or business, including any employment, would be taxable, regardless of the taxpayer’s residence or domicile in the year it is received.

17.  So, according to data from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, between 2002 and 2006, New Hampshire residents who worked or did business in the Bay State paid Massachusetts $95 million above what they paid before Romney became Governor. The average tax paid by Granite Staters into Massachusetts grew $458 from $2,392 in 2002 to $2,850 in 2006, up 19.1 percent.

Well, I will end with this quote from the top finance advisor to two prior Republican Governors (Stephen P. Crosby) stated that Romney was distracted by political ambition in the final years of his term. “The real tragedy of Romney’s Governorship is that he did not utilize his full capacity as Governor.” Stephen P. Crosby had served in the Cabinet of two previous Republican Governors and advised the transition of Romney’s Democratic successor. Crosby, dean of the University of Massachusetts’ McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, praised Romney’s leadership and business acumen (yes, he is a venture capitalist) but said he NEVER delivered on promises to lure jobs to the state.”

I researched this piece and got direct information, and included other facts from the State of Massachusetts Government sites. You can vet and re-confirm by going to the State of Massachusetts Government Agency websites.

It was not only that Romney was a bad Governor, but he appeared not to CARE, AT ALL ABOUT OUR WELFARE IN MA. I have always stated here that Romney just wants to be President because he feels entitled and that is the fact. In his last two years as governor of our Commonwealth, Romney was out of our state for about 200 days!!

The SHRILL hyper partisan divide created and engineered by the likes of Rove since 2008, has created an atmosphere that makes it almost impossible to discuss the man, Romney, who wants to be President in a thoughtful way. With strong vigorous dialogue, Romney’s record when compared to Obama’s, shows that Romney’s records is a FAIL.

The Far Right  is spouting all of Barack Obama’s weaknesses, weaknesses that pale in comparison to the abject failure of Romney, the man seeking to be President. Romney was a horrible governor and should NOT be allowed to run America aground, as he did our State.

Anyway, watch the video below, it’s an interview (From Young Turk) featuring Romney on a Fox News interview. He did not like it and told Brett exactly that. Entitled, disconnected and Narcissistic? 😦 Cheers folks.




  1. Okay. I get it. Romney was not my first choice and i already knee most of what you wrote but obama is a communist. So what do we do. I cannot vote for Obama. Convince me why i should not vote 4 Romney.


    • Kate B, did you read the article I wrote? I gave you quite a few reasons why Romney is a bad choice.
      You cannot simply vote someone in without determining if he would indeed be better than the other guy.
      From Romney’s past record, he definitely is not anywhere better than Obama no matter what the Republican party tries to package.

      You do not have to vote for anyone I recommend, as you know. But at least, you know the truth.

      For now, my choice is Obama because he is a better option than Romney. However, it could change. I swung last election cycle, and I am never stuck in my choice. However, no matter what. With what I know about Romney, even if something happens and I decide not to vote for Obama, I will look for a 3rd party candidate to vote for.

      And voting for a 3/P candidate is not a wasted vote, it is a conscience vote. I will vote my heart for what is best for my country because I am a patriot. Because I am a patriot, that is the reason I will, at least for now,be voting for Obama. Why? He saved us from the precipice of total disaster in the USA. And even though the memory of so many is so short, I remember that we have come very far from where we were in 2008 when we almost crumbled after the economy imploded while we were fighting two simultaneous wars.

      I guess you could say that I am not a one issue voter, neither am I am emotional voter with a short memory. My vote is like a diamond!!

      Cheers!! Thanks for dropping by.

      • However, we cannot survive 4 more years of he same old same old. We have consistently high unemployment, out of control spending, unsustainable debt, class warfare and our foreign policy is in shambles. That certainly doesn’t speak well for a second term. You certainly don’t sound like a Republican…

      • Jen06

        You are not a PATRIOT. You would not be voting for Romney a man who destroyed our state, and proved repeatedly that he is inept, incompetent and disconnected.

        As for saying I am not a Republican, that is simply STUPID. Do you have the corner on defining who is Conservative and who is not???

        A Conservative is a PATRIOT, a person who espouses love for country, and has conservative values, wants small government, is politically compassionate etc.

        Simply supporting a man who almost destroyed our state of MA, and pushing for him to become President IS NOT CONSERVATIVE. YOU ARE A FRAUD.

      • Jen06,
        You seem to be laboring under a few misconceptions regarding History and I would suggest that looking at the last four years is not sufficient to understand our current situation or the solution to it.

        1) “we cannot survive 4 more years of he same old same old.”
        What we cannot survive is a return to the policies of the Republican administrations who instituted the Bush Tax Cuts; encouraged companies to move abroad by offering tax breaks for doing so; led us into Iraq whom we had no reason to attack other than to satisfy the vindictive nature of the Bush family because they feel Sadaam Hussein insulted GHWB duiring the first Gulf war; led us into Afghanistan under the guise of hunting Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, only to leave our troops there for ten years in an undermanned and underfunded disaster that was not given sufficient attention and manpower untill President Obama took office; and enacted laws that stripped the Constitutional rights out from under us and left us vulnerable to intrusive government actions. These laws were proposed to help fight terrorism but not once have they been used to do so. The only use they have been put to is to allow Police to illegally break into the homes of American citizens under a thin guise of a national security threat to seize drugs and other contraband without the need for a warrent or probable cause.

        “consistently high unemployment”
        Sorry but although we would love to see unemployment come down faster; it has been dropping over the last four years due to the policies of the President and would be dropping much faster if the Republican House supported the Presidents Jobs Bills and stopped obstructing his every attemp to help.

        “out of control spending,”
        Spending is not out of control. In fact I believe that what we need is more spending. Spending on education; vocational training; health care. Obamacare is certainly a move in the right direction but ouyr health care system will not be adequate to the needs of all Americans until we have a National Healthcare System that covers 100% of the people with equal and total health care. Spending on any program that will decrease unemployment; re-enforce our national infrastructure and allow us to provide more help (read that money) for our poor who are unable to work. Note my use of the word UNABLE. Note that I did not use the word UNWILLING. I don’t believe our military spending is out of control but it will be if Lyin’ Mitt is elected. Out of control to the tune of two unnecessary trillion dollars that even our best military experts say we do not need to maintain our position of power in the world community.

        “unsustainable debt”
        Yes the debt is unsustainable in the long run but cutting spending on the most needy sectors of our society; cutting our education budget which would further lower our level of competitiveness in the world job market; failing to provide a more efficient, cheaper healthcare system is not the way to pay that debt down. Why is it that whenever we talk about spending cuts; it is always the poor and middle class who are asked to make sacrifices to that end. We have a 1% wealthy class of people and corporations who are sitting on trillions of dollars of unused money under the guise of their being unwilling to invest unless we do away with the regulations that are the only control we have to prevent rampid polution; unsafe working conditions; land destruction and a veritable plethora of industrial illnesses caused by these abominations. We have a 1% wealthy class who believe they have a God given right to make the same huge profits in bad times as they do in good times which of course means that customers must pay more for their products and workers are forced to take less for their work so that the wealthy stockholders can continue to live like kings and maintain their level of excess cash. That is wrong. When times are hard; it is the responsibility of those 1%ers to reduce the amount they take so as to be able to continue to pay their workers and keep their prices at levels that the workers can afford. It is their responsibility as the ones who can best afford it to take the hit and bite the fucking bullet until things improve.

        “class warfare ”
        There you are correct. There is a raging Class War going on. The wealthy; the right wing; the Republican party have declared and initiated a war against Americas poor and middle class with the ultimate goal of creating a society where a limited number of wealthy elite rule over a nation of near slaves who are only able to earn enough money to allow them to subsist and continue working for the enrichment of the 1%. It is a war of the wealthy; who can do pretty much anything they want because of their ability to buy protection from judges, congressmen; police etc. so that they can continue to do as they please with impunity against the rest of us who are dependant on the government to protect our rights. It is a war to strip away all of the Constituional rights that we were promised in the Constituion; those we have had and those that were never allowed us.

        “foreign policy is in shambles”
        Our foreign policy was in a shambles when the republican party led us into two unnecessary wars. We are only now; after four years beginning to regain the respect of the rest of the world. By negotiating for peaceful solutions; using non-military options to end conflicts; and offering peace with dignity to all parties instead of considering only the needs of our allies.

        Well I am certainly no Republican. I don’t qualify to be a Republican. I’m not wealthy or stupid enough to do as I am told without questioning it. I don’t know how to cheat very well and I never steal from people less fortunate than myself. I don’t presume to know what choices are best for a woman or believe I have the right to dictate moral decisions. I won’t pretend to be fundamentalist christian to draw easily led people to my party and Iwon’t allow myself to become addicted to the thrill of the market; the excitement of beating someone on a business deal in order to amass an even greater fortune for myself while my fellow Americans are living in poverty; without dignity. I could never be cold-blooded; ruthless; and totally lacking conscience. No I could never be a Republican. I thank God every day; everytime I hear a Republican spewing their verbal diarrhea and lies; everytime they committ yet another act of treason as did Issa; everytime they act to obstruct another law or program that would strengthen our economy, help our poor; or add quality to the lives of the 99%; that I can never be a republican.

        Add to this the fact that you are wrong about the President. he is not a communist. I know because he is far to thr right of my opinions and I am pretty much a socialist although I register and vote Democratic because while not as far left as I would ideally wish; they are the only party of note headed in the right direction. Making cuts where possible but not eviserating our social programs; health care; and educational system. Taxing the 1% to help maintain those programs and pay down the debt. Actually I would like to tax the wealthy until every worker in America was making something like 20-25 dollars an hour. I would like to tax the wealthy until they are forced to go to the 99% to get money to keep their deals going. Investors from the 99% rather than just other wealthy greedy Republicans. Then dividends from those investments would be spread over the entire range of people and all would benefit rather than the wealthy getting richer and the poor and middle class being driven into a life of drudgery; misery; and disenfranchisement as they are now. But hey! I’ll take the Democratic plan for now.

  2. I lived in Boston when Romney was governor. I did not vote for Obama last election. But just because Romney destroyed our State, I know I cannot vote him for president. I am voting for Obama

    • Thanks for dropping by. You should read some of her other comments. I posted this one because it was short. She has made it her job through out the elections to relentlessly attack my support for President Obama through a BARRAGE of comments.

      You cannot change her mind, and she has no proof. Oh, BTW, she also thinks the President has a fake Social Security number. That is one of he insane comments I decided to delete.

      I welcome comments but draw the line on repeated wild and unsupportable drivel. So yes, she has no proof– just anger and regurgitation of the conspiracy Far Right theorist’s inane talking points.


      • No disrespect intended but I suspect that while you may be conservative; you are not a very good Republican. Jen06 is a Republican. She gets it as you don’t. Republicans are not about Conservatism. That lie has been exposed. Republicans are ruthless; vitriolic; obstructionist; and willing to tell any lie; believe any lie; do any disreputable; dishonest thing to win. they are about authoritarian rule; corporate rule; and the “God given right” to lord it over the masses. They believe in religious freedom (for themselves) and religious persecution for everyone else. They want more and more power; not to use that power to help people or to strengthen our nation but only to enrich themselves and dictate to the rest of us based on their racist, elitist, theocratic and totalitarian beliefs which are really their beliefs only because they allow them to pump up their own egos and stave off the feelings of inferiority and self revulsion that plague them due to their dark; hateful souls.
        I hope you are very, very, very wealthy because otherwise they will just use you as a tool. A Black tool to lure other unsuspecting Black people to their side. Black people who have had some measure of success and want to be a member of that ruling elite. It will never happen though. Black people have about as much respect from the Republican Party as they do from the KKK.

        Look at the recent republican race for the Presidential nomination. they put a guy like Herman Cain. Now I don’t have anything against herman personally; other than his politics but come on; they knew Herman didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being nominated. They knew that by running him; they could make it appear as though they are not racist. All along they knew that he had enough skeletons in his closet to fill a graveyard. His history of disrespecting women; his poorly articulated ideas and his seemingly maverick attitude made him unelectable and they knew it. I felt badly for him as I watched him play his role in their political drama. he gave it his best shot; but he isn’t a politician and he isn’t white; so he isn’t going to win any Republican nomination. The Republicans laughed at him and I for one think it is a disgrace for the Republicans to mock our system and use a man like they used him.

        So if I were you; I would give some serious thought about what you are; who you are ; and what you really want this nation to be.

        Communist; Just a scary word form the Cold War. A Republican boogeyman.
        Barack Obama is is not a Communist. He isn’t even a Socialist. He falls not to far from the “Right” side of the Democratic Party. The Liberal side of the Democratic Party believe he is too conservative. They like where he is headed but don’t believe he will take us far enough Left.

        People don’t even understand what a Communist is anymore. They think of communism (many of them) as being the same as Fascism or a Dictatorship.
        But it is a label that still has the ability to frighten many.
        Black Republican? No such thing. To the Republicans; black people are no better than a pet dog they can run out to deceive the populace. To say, “See? We aren’t Racist. We even allowed a black man to run for our nomination.”
        Don’t be fooled like Jen06 who rants about Communists and “we can’t take four more years of the same old; same old”. What party could possibly represent the “same old” like the Republicans. Same old Tax breaks for the wealthy; same old theocratic platform; same old we own this country attitude and the same old disrespect for a President who has shown his concern for all Americans and has fought against the injustice the Republicans bring with them to every party.
        As a Black person; you will never rise through the glass ceiling the Republicans have in place within their Party. As a woman; maybe; but not likely. As a black woman? You better rethink and rethink again. Is Jen06 the kind of person you wish to align yourself with? Do you really believe that any party who would have her; would accept you?
        Sorry if I have offended you in anyway; if anything I have said has caused you pain. The Democratic Party will accept you as I or any thinking, compassionate, person would accept you. Come on over to a Party that will give you the respect you deserve as a human being; whatever color your skin is. You can argue from a more conservative point of view within the Party but please stop letting these Fascists use you to spew their poison and use you to fool other people; Black and White and Latino and Asian into falling for their lies; lies; lies.
        Come join the Love Baby; reject the Republican’s hatred and Fascism.
        And Jen06? Just another intellectually challenged coward. Afraid to embrace anything that represents change or detracts from her own feelings of control and superiority; like the rest of her Party.

      • Hey there,

        Thanks for dropping by. I do agree with a lot of your points. I am quite ashamed of the Republican party, and these days, I rarely identify as a Republican. However, I am more conservative than I am liberal. The Republican party has become a bed of racist and other forms of vicious abuse. I am hopeful they will change. Meanwhile, until they do, I will keep voting for Democrats and Independents, and the Republicans will just continue to lose and lose, and lose!!

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