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I think the election should be a real and honest comparison between Romney and Obama, but so far, it has been shrill and hyper partisan. Romney was a HORRIBLE Governor in our State of Massachusetts and should not be allowed to run the Nation aground, in the manner he did our State. And I have outlined a FEW of the things he did to us– in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I used basic paragraphs, for easy reading/browsing. Do read/browse so you can get some facts on the Romney years in MA, and why he CANNOT govern better than Obama. Why? His record as Governor of Massachusetts was A-W-F-U-L.  And the assumption that he can be a better steward of our country than President Obama, is A patently FLAWED AND BASELESS BELIEF. Obama thus far, has been far better at governance than Romney ever was.. For more information and a comparative overview of Obama and Romney Click HERE!

1.  Out of the 25 freshmen Republican Governors rated by the Cato Institute on fiscal issues, Romney had the 2nd worst score!!

2.  His claims of being a job creator because of his venture capitalist experience, the same forum on which he is running on for President, never came through in MA. About the Romney years as governor and the situation in Massachusetts during his period as governor –the Boston Globe business columnist Steve Baily wrote that “there are 40,000 fewer people in the workforce than when Romney took over.” Yet the Romney folks have doctored some data to change this truth, a truth that remains documented on the Department of Labor website?????

3.  In addition, about Romney’s failure to create jobs in our State,  the Boston Herald’s business columnist, Bret Arends, who wrote, “During the four years Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in America…it wasn’t a regional issue. The rest of New England created nearly 200,000 jobs.”

4.  By Romney’s last year in office, Massachusetts was ranked by the Public Policy Institute of New York on its Cost of Doing Business Index, as the FOURTH most expensive state in which to do business in.  Data compiled by the Tax Foundation reveals that during Romney’s term, the per capita tax burden INCREASED from 9.3% to 9.9%, a .6% increase.  In real dollars, the per capita tax burden increased 1175.71 dollars during Romney’s term.

5.  It is also important to note that from 2001 to 2006, Massachusetts ranked 49th in the nation in job creation. Again, I do not know why the Romney campaign is spinning the figures for the unemployment rate, and pegging it as of 4.7%, and this was in a “Good” Pre-Recession economy. That is a false representation and fake Math.

6.  Between July 2002 and July 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that  222,000 MORE residents left Massachusetts. That was one of the HIGHEST population losses in the country. The out-migration was a  significant contributor to the state’s declining unemployment rate, said Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at  Northeastern University.

7.  Here is another important fact. Another way to judge a state’s economy is to look at its Gross State Product and these statistics are kept by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Between 2001-2005, the percent GSP increase for Massachusetts was an anemic 8.44%, one of the LOWEST five-years increases in the country – 44th out of 50 states.

8.  As for the claim that Romney did not increase taxes, that is an absolute FALSEHOOD!! Governor Romney passed a host of new tax and fee increases, hitting the corporate world hard and devastating job creation. As Peter Nicholas, chairman of Boston Science Corporation, stated, “tax rates on many corporations almost DOUBLED because of legislation supported by Romney.”

9.  Romney also raised taxes on business again in 2004 and 2005, for a total of 309 million dollars on the CORPORATE sector–the job creators he claimed he would assist with his venture capitalist business acumen. Later, he increased taxes on business property ), and even attempted to raise taxes on hotels (but was stopped by the DEMOCRATIC legislature!).

10.  As Governor, Mitt Romney joined a coalition lobbying congress to tax internet activity, and strongly supported a TAX on out-of-state commuters.

11. The Cato Institute reported that in his first year as Governor, Romney “proposed 140 [million] dollars in business tax hikes through the closing of ‘loopholes’ in the tax code.” As Nicholas explains, “Romney’s tax policies were not helpful for many small businesses…when Romney took many IRS subchapter S businesses in Massachusetts and almost doubled their tax rates, it was an important DISINCENTIVE to investment, growth and job creation.”.

Yes, this was part of his mismanagement of our State, can you imagine what he could do on a National level.

12.  Romney did not reduce ANY of the taxes Massachusetts imposes on its citizens, even though the previous two Republican Governors, William Weld and Paul Cellucci, were both able to reduce tax rates. As Governor Cellucci stated that Romney “did NOT have any broad-based tax cuts in his four years as Governor.” Romney raised over a hundred different fees and taxes, the two previous Republican Governors signed more than 40 tax reduction bills, even though Democrats controlled the legislature.

13.  Also, let us remember that Romney refused to support the Bush tax cuts while Governor, and when campaigning for Governor, refused to sign the now famous “no new taxes” pledge, and he stated that it was “government by gimmickry.”

He suddenly signed the pledge when he began to campaign for the presidency!!

14.  As for being a fiscal Conservative, Romney is not one either. The Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation stated that Romney “proposed four budgets while in office…each budget increased spending over the previous year.”  As Club for Growth echoed, Romney’s last budget “was a whopping 10.12% larger than the preceding fiscal year.” Romney dramatically initiated massive new spending –without any prodding.”

15. The alleged budget surplus Romney claims that he left in Massachusetts is also mythical. Romney didn’t “turn a 3 billion dollar deficit into a nearly $1 billion surplus.” Rather, the deficit was 1.3 billion according to and he balanced the budget with mostly tax and fee increases with very little spending cuts. The Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation and the conservative Massachusetts think tank, Beacon Hill Institute, both challenged that notion. In fact, Romney left a billion dollar deficit for his successor.

16.  As if impoverishing his own taxpayers were not bad enough, Romney’s March 5, 2003 signature raised taxes on non-residents retroactive to that Jan. 1. Perpetrating taxation without representation. In the law endorsed by Romney, any gross income derived from any trade or business, including any employment, would be taxable, regardless of the taxpayer’s residence or domicile in the year it is received.

17.  So, according to data from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, between 2002 and 2006, New Hampshire residents who worked or did business in the Bay State paid Massachusetts $95 million above what they paid before Romney became Governor. The average tax paid by Granite Staters into Massachusetts grew $458 from $2,392 in 2002 to $2,850 in 2006, up 19.1 percent.

Well, I will end with this quote from the top finance advisor to two prior Republican Governors (Stephen P. Crosby) stated that Romney was distracted by political ambition in the final years of his term. “The real tragedy of Romney’s Governorship is that he did not utilize his full capacity as Governor.” Stephen P. Crosby had served in the Cabinet of two previous Republican Governors and advised the transition of Romney’s Democratic successor. Crosby, dean of the University of Massachusetts’ McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, praised Romney’s leadership and business acumen (yes, he is a venture capitalist) but said he NEVER delivered on promises to lure jobs to the state.”

I researched this piece and got direct information, and included other facts from the State of Massachusetts Government sites. You can vet and re-confirm by going to the State of Massachusetts Government Agency websites.

It was not only that Romney was a bad Governor, but he appeared not to CARE, AT ALL ABOUT OUR WELFARE IN MA. I have always stated here that Romney just wants to be President because he feels entitled and that is the fact. In his last two years as governor of our Commonwealth, Romney was out of our state for about 200 days!!

The SHRILL hyper partisan divide created and engineered by the likes of Rove since 2008, has created an atmosphere that makes it almost impossible to discuss the man, Romney, who wants to be President in a thoughtful way. With strong vigorous dialogue, Romney’s record when compared to Obama’s, shows that Romney’s records is a FAIL.

The Far Right  is spouting all of Barack Obama’s weaknesses, weaknesses that pale in comparison to the abject failure of Romney, the man seeking to be President. Romney was a horrible governor and should NOT be allowed to run America aground, as he did our State.

Anyway, watch the video below, it’s an interview (From Young Turk) featuring Romney on a Fox News interview. He did not like it and told Brett exactly that. Entitled, disconnected and Narcissistic? 😦 Cheers folks.