Justice Clarence Thomas Asleep at President Ba...

Justice Clarence Thomas Asleep at President Barack Obama’s Inaugural? (Photo credit: Schodts)



Many years ago, I enjoyed reading the judgments from the Supreme Court. The majority ruling and the dissenting ones were always interesting and good law. Even if you did not agree, they were at least reasoned out. I always thought Thomas was a tad cuckoo eccentric while Scalia just came across as rabid angry. However, over the last few years, the Supreme Court is a pathetic shadow of the arm of government whose function it is to interpret the law.

I know that America has become more polarized since Obama came into office. I see on the news that the networks claim that it started 25 years ago, but neglect to state when it reached this screeching crescendo. The crescendo of dissent and rabid polarization reached astronomical proportions after the election of the first African-American president. There is an inexplicable anti-Obama hatred and conservative fury against our President. As a Conservative, I am embarrassed that even the Supreme Court has been caught up in the baseless right-wing hatred of President Obama.

As a lawyer who has been intrigued bu the science of the law for most of my career, I do not have an idealistic notion that Supreme Court justices are objective, however, I believe that it is their job to make an effort to appear and remain as unbiased as possible. Their anti-Obama rhetoric is made for Fox News and I think it is disgraceful that the Supreme Court has been minimized to a shadow of the division, hate and extremism that plagues America.

I am writing this piece because once again, the Supreme Court in the SB1070, as expected, has taken a position that disregards the needs of the minority, in this case the Hispanics. I have not read any part of the ruling yet but I have as it is customary, gleaned the gist of the ruling from the networks, internet etc.

The Supreme Court as it is constituted today would have upheld segregation and slavery. They absolutely would have done so. These right-wing Justices think nothing of the consequences of their so-called purist ruling and their consistent co-opting of power from the law making arm, the legislature. America, left to Scalia, Roberts and Thomas would still have slaves chained and working in the fields! Of course, knowing Justice Thomas, from his rulings and utterances, and his crazy eccentric positions, he would have willingly become a field slave in support of his rabidly baseless ultra conservative positions. This Supreme Court sold Americans into the hands of corporations and Special interests, and I hope that history will judge them very harshly for it.

What will their legacy be? That they did all they could to increase the vast divide between the haves and the have not. The Supreme Court gives fodder to the much held view by the blue-collar folk that book knowledge is mostly foolishness. Is it not foolishness when the so-called keepers of the law use it to further their own personal ideology?  Is the Supreme Court not bound to consider pubic policy in making its judgments? Should Scalia and his group gang of bullies arrogant hacks conservative Justices have the right to mock and excoriate the President of the United States as they so frequently do? Should Thomas be ruling on any case involving Obama since his wife is a Tea Party Stalwart? Should some of these Justices not resign because of the sheer abuse of power they have utilized to change the political landscape of this country and oppress the poor, should they not be ashamed and scolded by all for their brazen unwillingness to remain or attempt to appear objective.

The rule of law cannot be said to be equitably applied if it does not take into account the differences in the individuals to which it is applied. If you can ask a person who looks or sounds foreign about their citizenship, surely that cannot be equitable on any level.

There is no JUSTICE for the most vulnerable among us. It is getting to a time when the mass anger that is broiling just beneath the surface will come to the fore. The Supreme Court, at that time, should be held responsible for changing their position under the constitution and becoming the THIRD POLITICAL PARTY SUPPORTING CONSERVATIVE CAUSES ALONE.

We elected President Obama not President Roberts or Scalia, their efforts to make sure this President does not get elected by their actions especially by the landmark Citizens United ruling will go down into American history. They have robbed the center of their right to have a choice between two different perspectives. They have allowed their politics to taint our American way of life. They have sullied our democracy and destroyed its sanctity for many generations. Now their rulings can almost be expected and predicted. Always extreme, always ant-Obama, always for the rich corporate interests.

What a sad day for American Law! What a sad day for America. I hope Christians are praying for our Country!!