1. Greetings,
    I stopped by to read your article after it was rebloged by my friend JB. Great article. Excellent information about Lyin’ Mitt.
    I am not surprized; just even more repulsed by this mealy mouthed piece of excrement.
    It seems a real shame to me that this kind of deception is allowed to occur.
    Truth in advertizing; truth in politics; same thing; non-existant.
    The most important facet of the democratic system; the one that defines that system; and we allow it to become a free-for-all of lies; half-truths and false accusations. More than that it is the one area of pour socisety where we don’t seem to expect anything better. It is illegal to lie in court.
    It is bad form to lie tpo your friends.
    It is wrong to lie and it is thought so by all of the “Moral Mentors” we choose whether church or secular.
    But when the time comes to elect a man or woman to lead our entire nation; we just accept whatever lies we are told and when we discover the lies; we laugh and make lioght of it as good politicing or smart campaigning.
    And so the American people are left at the mercy of every two-bit grifter with a yen for the power.
    Mitt Romney is such an obvious slug that I suppose we are lucky. If someone with the ability to tell convincing lies were to run; we could be in real trouble.
    That doesn’t change the fact that every four years, the people are asked to make a momentous decision and they are asked to make based on whatever bullshit gets shoveled at them.

    • Thanks for dropping by. I totally agree with you. I do not understand how ANYONE can be voting for Romney. If you notice, his record in MA is hardly discussed by the media or his LYING surrogates– because he knows it is a dead give away about his abject incompetency. Romney is INCOMPETENT, period. Being a venture capitalist does not make you a job creator. We saw that in MA, first hand!!

      Now, he says he is a protector of women’s rights issues??? This is the same “LIAR ROMNEY” that refused to do anything about Women’s Rights during his tenure in MA???? How can anyone believe this man???? Romney chose to forget that he had signed a pledge stating that he would be a champion on many Women’s issues in our state, and instead he did everything to ignore us. Now, he is claiming that he hired women in his cabinet, who cares? That is not the issue. The issue is POLICIES!!!!! What policies protecting women’s reproductive rights or employment rights did he make during his tenure?? The answer is ZERO!!!

      The latest ads about the new “moderate Romney” who has always supported women’s rights, are heinous LIES. Romney DOES NOT SUPPORT A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Even after he became a so called moderate a few years ago, he still made no exceptions for his abortion ban, for the life of the mother. Now, he is lying about that, claiming his made exceptions.

      Romney did the same thing in MA, LIE!! He is a LIAR. Obama is a man of his word. And compared to Romney, Obama is a TRUE PATRIOT who loves America, and understands the middle class. He FIGHTS for Women’s rights.

      I hope America does not elect Romney. He was a horrible governor, at least for that reason, I know he will be losing MA in a landslide. I hope Romney LOSES NATIONALLY. AT this next debate, I hope Obama reveals Romney as an incompetent entitled LIAR. Romney will attack Obama as he is known to do, but I am sure Obama will hit back. I want Obama to defeat Romney and stay on as president for FOUR MORE YEARS. That is my fervent hope.

      Thanks again for your comment. Cheers!!

      Obama/Biden 2012

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