Prior to the election coverage going full throttle, I did not watch much of Rachael Maddow. However, thanks to some family members, I have found that even though she is very LEFT leaning, her show IS one of the BEST RESEARCHED on TV. You can identify her opinions during the course of her show, and choose whether to discount her views, or not. However, she runs a show like the true Doctor of Political Science that she is. Her show, at least in this election cycle has been good. Although on election day, CNN and John King were spectacular!!! But I digress! 🙂

I have posted a video from a post-election episode of the Rachel Maddow show. I have posted it because she captured the reason I stopped watching Fox News a few years ago. Fox News appears to live in a MASSIVE BUBBLE of lies and conspiracy. I take it very personally because a very huge percentage of my family is white, and the Seniors in my family, like many other white Seniors all over the country, watch Fox News. Fox News and its hysterical “anti-Obama”, “Obama is a Muslim socialist”, and it is “the end of the world if we elect Obama” Fear mongering, has made the Seniors in my family afraid, confused and frequently distrustful of ALL other news.

Let me put it bluntly, Fox News LIES and SPREADS FEAR. For many years,Fox News REALLY could boast about being fair and balanced. However, they now live in a Conservative Bubble which is very pathetic.

Please watch this video in full. It is GREAT!

Journalists like Brett Baier, Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Greta Van Sustren and a few others are GOOD journalists. However, in keeping with the Fox News philosophy, most of their perspectives are drowned out by semi illiterate talking heads like Hannity, and until fairly recently, Glenn Beck also pounded us with his lies and wild conspiracy.

ROMNEY LOST. It was obvious that he was probably going to lose. However, listening to Fox News, you would never have guessed it. To date, Fox News and the Republican party continue to make excuses for their abysmal performance, and continue to try to explain Romney’s horrible loss. Sadly, because past experience is the best predictor of future performance, the Fox News lies, Fear mongering and the parallel existence of their own reality,  outside of real world politics, WILL continue with alacrity. 

If you are a reader of this Blog, and you only listen to Fox News, read this carefully— WATCH OTHER CHANNELS TOO!!! Fox News is insular and sells fear.

Yes, it is okay to be partisan, interesting even,  but it is not okay to delude, maneuver and LIE and then claim to be fair and balanced. I hope SOMEDAY Fox News will change and return to the old days when they were actually FAIR and BALANCED!!  Somehow, I do not think that day will ever come.

Anyway, I will end here. I know many of my family members that watch Fox News exclusively. BIG MISTAKE!!!  If you want to live in a Conservative bubble of delusion, watch Fox News all the time. If you want the truth, WATCH OTHER NEWS NETWORKS TOO, INCLUDING LIBERAL NETWORKS

I wish you well. Obama was re-elected. Romney was ROUTED. Now the real work begins.

Cheers yawl!