Obama Vs Romney

I am glad in a way that Romney pulled off Michigan as I predicted that he would in the piece I wrote, that preceded this one. I am also glad that he pulled off Arizona on the same day. I think it is a jolt the Democrats and their supporters need. Nothing is anywhere near the bag yet. The battle still looms large.

Obama is a good President. His record has been impressive. He is a tireless worker and appears to be truly concerned about the welfare of the citizenry of his country.  I just think Romney is in his own world. Wants to be President because he thinks he ought to do it. He is the son of wealth and politics and believes he deserves it. And no matter how lack luster and weak he looks, I hope Obama knows that Romney can make it to the White House. If nothing else, he has the backing of Karl Rove *Gulp*.  :O

I am well aware that people expected Obama to fix the economy on the second day he took office! He, Obama, I mean, admitted that he did not realize the extent of the damage to our economy. He chose compassion and an aggressive approach to help stop the bleeding.  I do not know why he chose not to publicize all the steps he took to avert a depression in this economy, but history will reveal that to us.  I believe that Obama should be allowed to finish what he started.

I feel safer than I ever have since 2001. Osama Bin Laden and most of his pansy are dead. America has been restored to most of his glory.  He is a formidable Commander in chief and of course Hillary is probably the best Secretary of State we have ever had in the history of the USA.

I am a registered Republican but I think it would be a mistake to elect Mitt Romney and go back to the old ways that got us here in the first place. However, I hope the Democrats are watching and working hard to take this election. I do not think it has to be a squeaker. Obama has the incumbent advantage and I hope he uses it.

The only problem I have with Obama as the first African-American President is that it has given racists and even those who do not recognize their racist views an opportunity to proclaim that we live in a post racist era. Electing a Black President does not mean racism is over. Even if a woman had been elected President, sexism would not immediately have been declared obliterated. Consequently, I wish the mischief makers would stop these post racism garbage.

I have lived elsewhere in the world. I am not super sensitized to racism but I can tell you that I have never been as judged based on the color of my skin as I have been since I moved to the USA. I think the most racist place I have ever lived in was around Long Island NY. That is one of the most segregated and racist places on earth even though New Yorkers are supposed to be open-minded etc. Racism is alive and well. If you doubt it, ride the Long Island Rail Road to the innermost parts of Long Island and tell me how integrated it is. Tell me about the looks you get. Haha… NY aint the kumbayaa Rah rah enclave of peace and love it is made out to be.  America is still quite racist, and in denial, even as we continue to export our racism worldwide.

Don’t get me wrong. Every country has its ills and in the USA, as a Black person (or brown… we are not really Black in color… shoe polish is Black we are Brown but oh well)… you have to work harder and smarter. Get your education. Get the best education you can. Adopt a peerless work ethic. Work hard and keep out all the vile assaults on your intellect.  All Black folk are not meant to be Rappers and Sports folk.  On the African Continent, we have extremely bright and gifted people and African-American Blacks are from the same stock AND there are laws in place that prevent overt racism and abuse based on skin color so just forge ahead.

*Back to my article and off my soap box* 🙂

Obama and his folks should win this election. I hope he is working hard and not taking anything for granted. He ought to be elected but I know he is aware of the perils of taking things for granted. Romney might be a rich man who thinks he ought to be President but he also has the entire Republican establishment behind him.

One last thing! Why is the Republican field so angry?  Santorum seems scary angry, Gingrich is frightening and Ron Paul looks as though he would create a Confederacy given the chance. HA 🙂

Have a good one folks.