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I wanted to post some material earlier this week. I will post the other material later probably in a few days, but right now, I want to share this because it is disconcerting that so many people pay lip service to their lives, and end up in a life of drudgery and hopelessness fueled by the unending and exaggerated media prophesies of doom, regurgitated by many fearful folks.

Hopelessness manifests its self in anger, frustration and mediocrity. Then everyday passes as those fearful, sad and mediocre folks continue to achieve nothing. Lack of CONTENTMENT destroys life!!!  These sad folks are always making excuses, doing the rounds, Falling in the face of every trial, always giving up, saying they are stuck, being hopeless. Its a sad sad vicious cycle. There is an emptiness in life without FAITH in GOD and HOPE in him.

I know there are two things that prevent folks from living. And those things are fear, and the desire to do exactly what society expects of us.

So today, I enjoin you today to LIVE. Live in contentment. Even as you strive for more, continue to introspect by the grace of God. And you will find that you do not need the biggest car on the block to be content. Contentment breeds peace. Life is a process, so is living. What are you doing today?

Since this is not some Psychobabble nonsense, I am not going to tell you it will be easy to focus on your life and seek to set your eyes on the good in ANY situation.  On some days, you might falter, other days some things might make it harder. But set your mind like a flint on God, and keep it moving. Keep focusing on the good over and over, until you master how its done. It is your liberation.

I got a call from a friend that truly inspired me. She speaks 6-languages and is one of the most qualified, well read and kindest people I have met. Her life, for the past 4-years has been one challenge after another. Many people called on her to change career and her life path. She refused to heed their entreaties that she shake in fear. She called me a few days ago to share that she was finally settled. She is now taking a position, far better than anything she could have imagined. She was content within, by God’s grace, and that gave her great wind, and tremendous courage in the face of so many odds.

You might not be at the cusp of winning the Nobel prize or inventing a new means of air transportation,  BUT you are in the process of living a daily meaningful life. That is what I do daily through my prayers. That is what all Believers in Christ should do. Just as he laid his head on a stern in the midst of a storm. We cannot be blown “willy nilly” by economic news, the trends of the times, errant and silly politicking and anger.

Okay here is the SOLUTION. PRAY, READ THE BIBLE and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Focus on the good around you and not the bad. It is that simple!

No matter how small the good might appear, the longer you focus on it the larger it becomes in your heart and life.

Step out in faith. DO something different. LIVE WELL DAILY.

One last thing, in this toxic political environment, I enjoin you to take time to introspect. We are living in the age of technology so misrepresentations and lies are rife in this cycle. Things will be thrown at you from both sides, things that make no sense at all. It is your call to do what you know in your Spirit is right.

For me, I have made no secret about the reasons I will not be supporting Romney. He represents a group I am familiar with. He is disconnected and smug about it. I do not think the skills sets he possesses are good for the position he is auditioning for, and I also believe that Obama needs more time to complete what he has started. That is my truth! I hope you have yours too, and are not being driven by some unexplored feelings of anger, hate, blind support or just habit e.g. I have always voted Republican… SO? Open your mind.

I was not always a pentecostal Christian, but now I am. Therefore, in your walk, for the mental and spiritual path, all I can do is offer you what I know. I know prayer, reading and meditating on the world and OF COURSE, THEN ACTING, work WELL.

In the midst of the explosion of technology, the full embrace of immorality in society, a continued defense of evil in the news and elsewhere, an effort to make you buy things you do not need, lies from so many, belittling of Christians, anger and everything else. You need PEACE. Seek it out. Do not spend your time complaining or talking some rubbish because you are declaring that nonsense in your life.

I don’t know if you will start today to do better. All I know is that I felt a strong pull in my heart to write this. Life is a gift. Please do not be one of those who languish in utter mediocrity desperation and fear. LIVE ABOVE THE FRAY. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE. YOU ARE WORTH IT. 🙂

God reigns.

I wish you well.