** After reading the article, do watch the video below, and see how aggressive and unrelenting Romney was, in debating O’Brien, when he ran for Governor of MA. He changed positions just as he is doing now, and REPEATEDLY, she had no answer for him.

Like many Obama supporters, I was aghast at his debate performance. Romney is KNOWN for adopting his opponents positions, as the elections near. He is also known to adopt his opponents positions DURING debates. Romney lies with conviction in debates, and there are many videos and records of him that chronicle this trend, so why should anyone say that Obama was surprised at the lies?

From now till the elections, Obama should expect Romney to lie with CONVICTION, that is his KNOWN MODUS OPERANDI. That is what Romney does, it is not a new tactic, and moreover, I am sure the Obama folks were AWARE of this fact. In the next debate he will be the same. He will deny his old positions, adopt new ones, adopt Obama’s positions, focus and REPEAT over and over again, a few weakness of his opponent, Obama, and then shut Obama down, if Obama allows it. Romney will  run over the moderator if possible, and vigorously oppose ANY challenge to his constantly changing positions. That is just how Romney debates!! Nothing has changed.

By the way, I am also stunned at the manner in which the Left Wing Press “ate the president whole” after the debate. I hope they remember that even with all Romney’s bumbling, and his glaring inability to manage his campaign, Fox News and other Conservative Cable and TV stations stood by him. Yes, there were “stragglers” in the Right wing that expressed their horror at Romney’s shoddy campaign, but for the most part, they stuck by him. I strongly urge the Left wing cable, Liberal and Left wing TV and Radio, and the super vocal pundits, to shore up the president. Stop the excessive criticism of the President. Discuss the GOOD job numbers instead. Get POSITIVE ALREADY.

The title of this post is urging Obama to summon his inner Michelle. This is because I know that Michelle Obama would not have blinked in that debate. She would have responded in a dynamic way to Romney’s shift, BECAUSE ROMNEY’S SHIFT WAS, OR SHOULD HAVE BEEN EXPECTED. I do not know how anyone could have assumed that Romney would stay RIGHT especially since he has a record of swinging wildly, depending on the polls. Electing Romney is a bad idea!! Please click HERE<<< for more information.

For the next debate, Obama should be prepared. He needs to watch tapes of Romney debating the late Senator Kennedy. To view and excerpt Click HERE. He should also watch the O’Brien debates, in the gubernatorial race, against Romney. Romney defeated her by changing positions, adopting her positions, and leaving her stunned, debate after debate. She was NOT prepared for the chameleon politician, Mitt Romney.

Romney is FAKING this new CENTRIST Republican “come to Jesus” position–and he should NOT be allowed to disavow his former positions this late in the day. The Far Right is so desperate for Romney to win, that at this point, they are ready to stay quiet and allow him repudiate all his former extreme Right positions. Why? Because they know that if he is elected, he will be controlled by the PRESIDENTIAL PIMP DADDY, KARL ROVE. Click HERE to view the real Romney.

Just as Kennedy did, no matter what Romney says or how he responds, Obama should AGGRESSIVELY counter with STATISTICS, SPECIFICS AND E-N-E-R-G-Y.  Avoiding the image of the so-called angry Black man is a NON ISSUE. Romney requires an AGGRESSIVE push back, and Obama needs to deliver that response, DEFTLY, at the next debate.

Romney is the first candidate, I had ever seen, that really CHALLENGED Kennedy in MA, and could have won. Meanwhile, the strangest thing was that we all knew Romney was not as good a bet as the then beleaguered Kennedy (it was not a good time for the Senator at that time), but Romney’s aggressive stance got our attention. Some years later, we  elected him as our governor, and found out that his so-called venture capitalist experience did not translate into job creation. For more information on how he wrecked our great Commonwealth, click HERE.

The press, at the time, said Kennedy hunkered down and THOROUGHLY studied every position Romney had ever held on issues. Consequently, when Kennedy was debating Romney, he was relaxed because he knew Romney’s numerous positions, and expected them to change during the course of the debate. Romney changed so many positions DURING the debate against Kennedy, but Kennedy refused to allow him adopt his new positions, no matter how aggressive Romney became.

During the debate, Kennedy POUNDED Romney about Romney’s flubs and flip-flopping on issues. Kennedy also aggressively stuck with the same issues during the debate whether he was questioned about them or not. Even after the debates, we were hammered with messages about Romney being untrustworthy,  until we (the viewing public) AGREED that Romney had no character.

It all started with the DEBATE. Romney LOST to Kennedy in the elections, ONLY because we decided that he was a flip-flopper, and had no rudder. Why? Because Kennedy’s “prosecution” of Romney, while he was debating him, was stellar and strong. Romney was, as usual, aggressive and lied with impunity, BUT he appeared trapped by Kennedy’s ease and snipes at him. No matter how Romney TRIED TO ADOPT KENNEDY’S POSITIONS DURING THE DEBATE,  Kennedy rejected his efforts to co-opt these positions, gave specifics of Romney’s REAL positions, mocked, hounded, and exposed Romney.We ALL watched, and wrote Romney off as a LIAR.

In closing, let me say this again. Michelle Obama would have chewed and spat out Romney, especially as he changed his positions and made so many MISREPRESENTATIONS of HIS POSITIONS, AND ADOPTED OBAMA’S POPULAR POSITIONS as his own, in the course of that debate. That is Romney’s established style.

The president should not be hesitant about telling Romney that HE, ROMNEY, IS MAKING MISREPRESENTATIONS (LYING) AND TAKING POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT positions. Town hall format, or no town hall format, for Obama to win this debate, he MUST draw clear differences between his opponent and him. He must address Romney directly and face him down. Obama has to decide what he MUST mention in this debate whether Cindy Crowley objects or not. OBAMA MUST study CROWLEY and learn how to disarm or overrun her– because he has VITAL points that he MUST make in the next debate. And Romney will do everything as usual. Attack, lie, adopt opponent’s position, and loudly and aggressively sell his new and “changing”  policy positions.

Unless Romney leaves the next debate looking like a naked deer in the headlights because his litany of lies and misrepresentations have been exposed, Obama would not have achieved the purpose of that meet. There is too much at stake here. Obama has to be aggressive, be knowledgeable, and stay focused on revealing the REAL ROMNEY.

Romney was bad for our great Commonwealth, and should not be allowed to ruin America in the same manner he did MA.  Romney should NOT be elected President of the United States. President Obama is a better choice for ALL of America.

Please watch  the ENTIRE video below. Do note how Romney kept SHUTTING down O’Brien, and that is how he defeated her in  his RUN for governor. He lied the whole time, we knew it. But she did not mount enough of an attack in ANY debate against Romney.