Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.

Dick Cheney, Former Vice President of the United States. Master of the WMD LIE squad (squad of Powell, Rumsfeld and Bush) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I rarely ever quote or watch Maddow. I have visited her blog a few times, and it is well researched but too far Left. I have nothing against her but she is too liberal and sometimes too shrill. I like her dedication to her causes but do not share her passion for far Left causes. However, yesterday, a blog pointed me to something she shared that I realized a lot of people were unaware of. I have long been aware of the issue, and thought I should share it today.

First of all, when Romney ran on his great business acumen as he did in MA, one of the issues that arose in that election was his so-called MA residence. Everyone believed he was a UTAH resident and he filed taxes as one, which he denied while campaigning in MA at the time. Now, it would not have been much of an issue if he had admitted that he changed his residency from Utah to MA, but that he LIED to us and claimed that he had filed taxes as a resident of Massachusetts was the problem.

Later, Romney denied understanding the notice that was sent to him by the Utah tax  Assessors in his area, and with the bumbling disorganized democrats in MA at the time, he was allowed a free pass, despite his misrepresentations on that and other issues during the course of that election cycle. Now we are at it again.

It was difficult, under MA law to challenge a candidates residency, and I have to say that the bumbling Democrats were out of their depth in their failed efforts to raise valid issues about Romney as a so-called jobs creator. They were also unable to create a comprehensive case to show that Romney knew or should have known that he was a Utah resident. Pretty easy you would think. But they could not. The fumbling Democratic party in MA!!

Oddly enough Romney’s defense to his misrepresentation of his residence as MA, and he restated that  on numerous occasions (even though he actually had filed as a UTAH resident) was that his wife, Anne, read the mail so he did not know he was considered a Utah resident. Below is an excerpt from a 2002 article in the Boston Globe.

In addition to the revision of his statement on his Massachusetts tax status, Romney originally said he had not seen the property tax bills from Summit County, Utah, that showed he was receiving a deep discount because his primary residence was in Utah. He said the bills were addressed to his wife, Ann, and that she dealt with them. However, records show the bills were sent to him and that he paid the taxes in 1999 and 2000, while his wife paid the 2001 real estate tax.

Romney also said he did not learn he received the tax break given to those with primary residences in Utah until he read about it in the Globe on Wednesday. However, Summit County, Utah, tax assessors sent Romney a “notice of property valuation and tax changes” for each of the three years, spelling out that he was getting a primary resident tax cut on his $3.8 million home.

You can read more of this in the Boston Globe by clicking HERE.

Here is my point. At that time, Romney refused to show his taxes. When he ran against Kennedy, neither of them released their tax returns, and I thought it was an outrage. When running for public office, the least that you can do is to show some transparency by sharing your tax returns. One or two years is just a fluke. And no, you cannot compare him with McCain a public official whose financial dealings are transparent and part of the office he holds. Romney is a private citizen who worked in the private sector. He was and is no McCain when it comes to transparency, so that comparison to McCain as a reason not to show his taxes, is mischievous and wrong.

I am quite shocked that some people including the transparent and honest Dick Cheney, have the temerity to state that this request for transparency on Romney’s part, is a mere distraction. A mere distraction from WHAT? From our right as voters to demand to know more about the man who wants to occupy the highest office in the land?? In what world is that a distraction??

Romney is running on his economic credentials, and part of that management includes evidence of his own personal economic/financial stewardship. As they say in law, his taxes become a fact in issue because he OPENED this line of questioning (by running on ONE issue) as he did in MA focused on his economic dexterity and job creation ability. In effect, his finances are an issue, and a very valid one. His tax returns are required to validate the credentials he purports to possess, and no we will not take him at his word. We did that in MA and he later admitted to misleading us.

Romney claimed then in MA, as he is doing now, that he was a business man whose knowledge and wealth creation in the venture capitalist arena would lead to more jobs created in the country. (His claims of economic dexterity did not yield any returns in MA.)  Yet, when asked to share of his personal finances, he says that it is a rouse by some Democrats to distract from the Obama record. These were the same excuses he made in MA. These remarks are incensing. Expecting full disclosure of FINANCES IS not a distraction. You cannot run for the office of president and expect us to take you on your word. That would be stupid. Especially since Romney has made some misrepresentations in the past about the contents of his returns, by repeatedly misrepresenting his residency over and over again.

Romney repeatedly stated that he was an MA resident until the facts came out so rapidly, that he had to admit that he and his lawyers had in fact AMENDED AND CHANGED his residency from Utah to MA, after he decided to run for governor AND saw the 7 year residency requirement for that post. Romney got away with that blatant and repeated misrepresentation about his residency for two reasons. Even though he repeatedly told a lie about his residency in his tax filings, the laws in MA were so broad and nearly impossible to enforce on the residency requirement. And the Democrats were a disorganized bunch of political neophytes.

I do not know why we believed at that time that his wife alone knew that they were Utah residents, since according to Romney, she got the bills. I gave him the benefit of  doubt at that time. Many of us did. Now he is promising us with a straight face that he paid taxes and has nothing to hide.He did the same thing then. He told us his residence was MA. We believed him then, and it turned out that it was a lie.

This time, I am concerned at what might be contained in his taxes that he rather be accused of hiding things than show them. WHY????

Romney is rich enough to have afforded the best accountants to couch tax returns fit for public consumption. If he did not do that, and it appears that he did not, does that mean he still possesses that view that the masses are unsoaped, unthinking and malleable. So he recklessly used tax shelters and avoided American taxes etc. What is the reason for this brazen refusal to do the most basic of things in a run for the highest office in the land.

*Sigh*Reminds me of the Bush, Cheney years and their WMD lies spread by their willing accomplice, Powell. Powell running around to the U.N, and everywhere crying wolf and telling tall tales about WMD that never existed!

The hyper partisanship in this election galls me. Conservative is now a word associated with a mindless support of a presidential candidate whose record shows an abysmal disconnect from the people he governed in MA, and no real nexus between his much touted business expertise and job creation. Liberals are now caged into some box in which any Obama criticism is not condoned, and you are considered an angry Conservative if you identify issues on which Obama erred or could improve upon.

How about the fact that some of us think about the facts as we see it and do not vote according to partisan views or fixate on one issue, e.g. religion, race and rabid hyper-partisanship. This is what happens when you run on the Ghost agenda, as Romney is doing. No clearly articulated plan, just a screech stating “Do not look at me, just vote for me, I am not Obama”.  This mode of campaigning is not how government should be formed or votes won. Because Obama, in your opinion, is not doing a good job should not translate to an anti-Obama vote. An anti-Obama vote IS a Romney vote, so Romney has to lay out his plans and be very vigorously scrutinized too.

I have included a video of Sarah Palins’s rap  from SNL. She was a good sport and I liked her. I think the Republican establishment treated her horribly, and people like Cheney continue to deride her as though their lies and mismanagement of this country compare to Palin’s gaffes in the 2008 election cycle!

Enjoy the video below and I hope it relaxes you. This is politics in our country and we should not, and cannot be forced to vote for the other guy just because???

A vote against someone without considering the value of the vote for another, is a lost and reckless vote. Obama has started us on the path to recovery and needs some time to complete it.

Enjoy the video below. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Well written and excellent, cannot agree with you more, if Romney has no skeleton in his cupboard then he should release his taxes and prove the opposition wrong. The office of the U.S. President is not for one who is not transparent or open to electoral scrutiny; so far he is dragging the tax issues and making it difficult for would be supporters to make up their minds about his eligibility for office. I’m not a fan of his and I strongly believe Obama’s gains are Romney’s problems enroute the White House; at least people have seen Obama in action and know what he is capable of doing so, unless something unexpected happens or the economy gets worse, who takes the White House in November, would be a matter of “the devil you know is better than one you don’t know.”

    • Hey there, thanks for dropping by. I enjoy your blog and the articles!!

      Yes, I hope people vote their minds because I think it will get rough. The Romney folks are dumping huge amounts of money even in states like mine, red states! Its all anti-Obama, all the time. 😦

      We are on a track with Obama. He can make things work and has already started the work, and should be allowed to complete it. I really did not think he would face any strong challenge in a 2nd term because I took it for granted that people recognized the devastation wrought upon us during the Bush years. I also thought that it was quite evident that it would take more than a single term to start a big turn around.

      I hope things get better with the economic numbers. I sometimes wonder if Obama should not be saying more about the tax cuts in the Stimulus that created the deficit so many so called fiscal Conservatives moan about. Well, Obama has a great re-election crew so all I can do is pray for them, and do my part on November 6th. It will be historic.

      I am irked by Romney’s efforts to link venture capitalist success to job creation. But I know he is banking on a blitz of confusion. Sometimes, I wonder how politicians get so adroit in distortion and word games. Making wealth is not the same as creating jobs. To somehow link those two things is beyond atrocious. And Romney did it in the past, in MA, successfully. We were not going to have him back for another term though. We had enough of his non performance.

      I know Obama, and I see what he is doing. I know Romney and have seen what he has done. And like you, I am sticking with the man I know who cares, and works to help make things better! I hope Obama will win.

      I will be reading your blog again soon. It makes me want to have a more formal blog as well. I like what you do on your site. Like you, I am a lawyer and I love the law, and I like the way you address the issues.

      Cheers!! 🙂

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