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I have followed a few election cycles and few have been so wrapped up in lies and fear as this one has been. It might be the new technology that subjects us to a barrage of information, or it might be an indication of the fact that we are so insular that most of us cannot think outside of opinions we are given by the so-called news networks. But instead of hope and motion, most of America is paralyzed with fear. And we know that when people are afraid, they make mistakes.

In fear after 9/11, we fell for the WMD in Iraq prevarications (by Cheney, Powell and Rumsfeld) and supported an unjustified war against Iraq. We accepted insane connections between Al Queda and Iraq that caused us to fight two wars simultaneously. These wars contributed in large part to the enormous deficits we have today. I do not think people should vote in fear again. Romney is a billionaire. However, there should be a comparison made between his record and that of the President. We should not elect a president because we are afraid and he promises us candy and chocolate. We need to be reasonable and rational.

I am a Right leaning Conservative and I am ultra Conservative on many issues but cannot in good conscience vote for Romney. I love America too much to turn her over to the hands of some rich man who thinks he is entitled to the office of President. Romney has worked to win this office for many years and the net result is that he has mastered the art of fear and selling nothing. Who is Romney??? Nobody really knows. What are his plans?? Bare and very unclear. Who are his main supporters.., a cabal of billionaires who want to run the country using him as they used George W. Should we therefore vote in fear?

I usually vote for the conservatives, however, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I lost all interest in the Republican party after they became the party of the Klu Klux Klan. It is the party of the billionaires and their plumbers and electricians. The divide between the haves and have-nots is so stark. Yet, many of the poorest and lowest in the Republican “caste system” still cling to the party hoping that the billions from the top will trickle down to them. The top brass have sold the base fear of the President. Now, all they have is a rabid unthinking fear. They are afraid they will lose their jobs, guns and freedoms. Why? The elections are being run on fear and Fox News is one of the greatest promoters of this fear.  It is sad.

I thought education or access to education would make the difference in the minds of the poor and down trodden masses, however, judging from the American experience and the way the elections are unfolding, I think that the masses, especially the economically challenged, have a serf like mentality and to compound it, they are now full of fear. There is a difference between opinions from the Left and Right however, in-between, lies the truth. People should search for the truth in the morass of exaggerated and extreme fear mongering.

When I hear that the Stimulus did not work, I wonder if people really believe that it did not. We were at the precipice of economic ruin and the stimulus helped us out of it. Even though things are not where they could be, we are moving forward and no longer bleeding jobs. I think the inability of folks to make decisions in their best interest is the result of the injection of constant fear into the mainstream.  People are afraid. And when people are afraid they make mistakes.

Romney is campaigning for the highest office in the land and his most potent weapon is money. No one can delve into his wealth, taxes, religion, past associations or even his so-called business experiences as the CEO of Bain. Yet, he is in a strong fight against the President of the United States of America. When the big Insurance companies decry Obamacare, people stand and support them, not wondering for one minute why the corporations would be so against the bill. Maybe because it is in the interest of the people??? I have read most of the bill and know that it benefits the middle class exponentially.

We might elect Mitt Romney for President, a man whose only qualification is that he is a billionaire, as opposed to the President, a man whose actions have shown progress and an interest in the lives of the masses.

We thrive in fear. They sell us fear. In my state, we are bombarded with anti-Obama ads all the time and we are a solidly RED state. The lies I hear are mind-boggling and the fear they sell drains people of hope. Some people still run around buying more and more guns because they believe that Obama will take away our guns. I used to belong to the NRA and stopped subscribing to the magazine a while back. I still like their basic premise but the fear about Obama in NRA publications is unwarranted. We have all our guns and as many as we want. Yes, we love our guns and I fully support the right to bear arms. Yet, in my state, many are afraid that Obama will take our guns, many are afraid he will make America a socialist country, many are afraid that the economy will implode. Why, why and where is the real proof?  Fear is self replicating and people need a message of hope and calm.

I hope that sometime in this race, Obama will revert to a message of hope and moving forward into a bright America. I think we have come too far to continue to make these aberrant connections in making decisions as critical as this. WMD and Iraq cost us a lot. Now we have Romney’s wealth and economic salvation being connected. It is a fabricated and unsupportable connection.  A rich man will not make you rich because he is rich. A rich man does not have the credentials to run the economy because he is a billionaire.

America should stop running on fear and exaggerated partisanship. People should compare the two candidates running for office. We cannot extrapolate that Romney will do better with the economy when very little is known of his venture capitalist experience. Yes, he made money for his investors, but how does that translate into the American fabric, into our economic lives. Traditionally, and I have lived it, the rich make money for their contemporaries and generally do not have sympathy or an understanding of the less privileged. It just works that way. They generally do not believe in a middle class and certainly have no idea of what it means to be poor. How can you salvage that which you do not understand or care about. In Romney’s case, he is simply ambitious. A man who wants to be President at all costs.

The Republicans in congress have refused to do anything to get the economy moving for a while. The people of America have been held hostage to the machinations of the rich who want to put their representative into office. It is truly astounding. The election of Romney as president  is premised on his betting on the failure of the country and the pain of so many millions.

The elections will be about fear and more fear and I am afraid there will be no focus on the real issues. If Obama and Romney were judged rationally and objectively on their entire records, people would throw rocks at Romney. Obama should give a message touting his hopes, criticizing his opponent and exposing him, but above all, he needs to help the people quell their growing fears of everything. Yes, America is drinking the Kool aid of perennial fear and it needs to be stopped now.


  1. So your answer to fear is being afraid? To allow a man to be voted back in who has demonstrably damaged the country.

    “We might elect Mitt Romney for President, a man whose only qualification is that he is a billionaire, as opposed to the President, a man whose actions have shown progress and an interest in the lives of the masses.”

    You may be black but you are no conservative or Republican and the title of your blog is fraudulent advertising.

    • Thanks for your response. I would like you to provide me with specifics on how Obama destroyed the country!! This is a talking point that has little substance, and the response from those who make these rabid pronouncements, is usually to provide figures on growing deficit. Said deficit was created largely by fighting two wars simultaneously under the Bush era, unlike Obama’s deficits created by efforts to save the banking, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

      The Stimulus bill should have been called a Jobs bill so that the simple minded in our party would better understand its goals and effect.

      You are not a Republican or Conservative because your little insular rant shows that you have probably never read nor understood the true meaning of those words. Sadly, vitriol and divisive utterances by folks like you are the reason the party is so skewed, and bleeding away moderates. There must be room for moderates and others who have different perspectives within the party. I am a Right Leaning Conservative and from well researched definitions and descriptions, I fit that description. You do not!

      Even though I largely identify these days as a Right leaning Conservative, do remember that Republicans are not a monolithic group. A Conservative can, and should, have the ability to analyze the issues, and make decisions in the best interest of the country despite his political bent. I will not vote for a candidate because he is Republican. I will vote for the candidate that is best for my country.

      Barack Obama, despite the vociferous attacks from the Right in this election cycle, has succeeded in bringing us out of the greatest recession in recent history. Banks were failing, the financial system had crumbled, the economy was losing about 750,000 jobs daily, people were mortified and chaos reigned supreme. Now we are on a path, albeit slowly, of recovery.

      Romney’s candidature, in my opinion, is one of the worst in the history of the Republican party in recent years. And the only way Romney could become president is by using the sheer arsenal of money provided by his billionaire cabal for his election. Romney is running on one issue alone, his economic prowess. And even then, there has been nothing to substantiate or bolster this his claim that he is a job creator. Evidence disproves the claim that Romney will help the economy or create jobs, infact most Republicans are not voting for him but voting AGAINST Obama. Thanks to the fear mongering base and their adulation of ignorance.

      Compared to other developed nations, under Obama we have fared much better. However, unlike you and others of your ilk, I will not be voting for Romney because of the unsupportable connections he seeks to make between his work in the private sector, and his new declaration that the experience has made him an economic savior. There is NO supportable connection between his ability to make investors rich and his ability to handle the economy. That connection as made by Romney is flawed and lacks merit.

      Come back soon. I enjoy a robust discourse without wild conclusions and unwarranted accusations.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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