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I still like Sarah Palin and think she was misunderstood and abandoned by the Republican party. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Gov._Sarah_Palin_in_Dover,_NH.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The CEO is defined as by INVESTOPEDIA as The highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations. The CEO will often have a position on the board, and in some cases is even the chair.


It further states that there are various other titles for the position of CEO including president and executive or managing director. The role of the CEO will vary from one company to another depending on its size and organization. In smaller companies, the CEO will often have a much more hands-on role in the company, making a lot of the business decisions, even lower-level ones such as the hiring of staff. However, in larger companies, the CEO will often deal with only the higher-level strategy of the company and directing its overall growth, with most other tasks delegated to managers and departments. Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/ceo.asp#ixzz20kTNy33D


In a nutshell Mitt Romney was the CEO of the organization that he owned in full and cannot now deny responsibility for acts that occurred during the time he signed in SEC documents that he was CEO/PRESIDENT/SOLE OWNER, and was salaried too.


Romney is a Harvard educated lawyer/ business man and should know that his claims that he was away on a leave of absence but yet signed papers as the CEO, sole owner and chairman make him responsible for the acts of the company. While the company is a legal entity, the operating officers are responsible for its acts. If he truly had stopped functioning in that capacity, then he would not have signed papers to that effect. He knows (and he is a lawyer) , as every lawyer does, that his signature on those filings make the representation that he was still at the helm of affairs of the company.


Despite the brouhaha about Romney’s time at Bain, I am more concerned by his refusal to release more than 2 tax returns and would rather be considered as lacking transparency. I find this alarming. What information is contained in those taxes that make them “sacrosanct”?What is he hiding???????????? This might be worse than I thought.


Much as I feel that the establishment thrust Romney down our throats, I was more concerned about his lack of concern about the middle class. I was also concerned that his experience as a venture capitalist who made money for his investors was hardly the experience needed to be President.  I did not know he would be plagued with these lies and misrepresentations.


I do not understand why the Republican party chose Romney to be its candidate. They know many people are voting against Obama and not for Romney. Many Republicans believe he will be a lousy President but they just do not like Obama. As I have always said here, that position is not enough. If Romney says he has the skills to fix the economy, then like any candidate for an interview, his resume must be thoroughly vetted. I do not see how making money for investors translates into the office of the Presidency in difficult economic times. This election should be a comparison of both men. One man cannot just ask us to vote for him because he is not Obama. We cannot be that silly, I hope. 🙂


Even though I do not think much of the Democratic party. I like the man at the helm of affairs, Barack Obama and think he should articulate his vision for the next four years and defend the ACA, his signature achievement.


Even though I am a Right leaning Conservative, I am stunned once again that the party chose the worst possible candidate to challenge Barack Obama. What will a Romney Presidency be like? Judging from the people in his advisory team, it will be no different from the Bush years, and Bush was a likeable well-meaning President. Romney is not likeable and certainly appears to be pursuing the office of President just because he is rich and thinks he deserves it.


If Sarah Palin had hidden Swiss Bank accounts and if she had all the baggage Romney has, the entire Republican establishment would have hung her out to dry, even more than they did in the last electoral cycle. Yet, day after day, we have to listen to their talking points as they continue to try to convince us that Romney despite his evident disconnection from the lives of ordinary Americans, and his position as a pawn in the hands of the wealthiest among us, is the best candidate for President of the United States.


He was CEO of Bain and I do not think that qualifies him as the economic savior of the USA. Now, to compound it, it seems he is hiding a litany of paper work and activities related to his tenure in that office.


It is quite early in the election cycle so no one knows who will win the elections. However, I do know that a Romney Presidency will not be good for this country.


Hope everyone is praying for the best for America and thinking with their minds clear of the onslaught of polarizing politics.


God help us all.



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