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I belong to the few Black people who generally vote Republican. I am Republican, and for many years, I have been proud of my conservative values. I was a tireless supporter and defender of George W. Bush, and even though I thought Cheney was a hawkish war monger, I think Bush did the best with the hand he was provided wiith regard with foreign policy. On the economy, he was terrible and brought America to the precipice of economic ruin.

However, this is not the reason I am writing this today. I am writing this because Mitt Romney went to the NAACP, and assaulted those people by using them to play to the base of the increasingly anti-intellectual and RACIST BASE of the Republican party. Even though I had no intention of voting for Romney, I did not know he was a race baiting charlatan!!

I am aghast at the polls that show that so many Whites, especially lower-income Whites, support Romney. Why? This ignorant promoting base is the home of the Ku Klux branch of the party, and they currently dictate the direction of the party.

I know that Blacks support Obama overwhelmingly but it is not because of the color of his skin. The history of “carpet crossing” created by the passage of the Civil Rights Act is the reason that so many Black people are Democrats. I do not understand the blind devotion to the Democrats by Black folk,  but with the way the Republican party is going, I can understand their desire to continue associating with the Democrats. I will continue to vote Independently and describe myself for the most part as an Independent. The Republican party is the party of the White elite and the lower caste rabid racist anti-Black, anti-Hispanic ignoramuses.

Romney is reported as having made an incendiary statement following the booing he received during the NAACP address. He is quoted as having said that the Black folk would not be getting any free stuff from him, and if they wanted that, they should vote for the other guy. In reality, millions more Whites than Blacks are on welfare–getting the so called “free things” Romney so glibly referenced. BTW, poor people who need government assistance should NOT be mocked by anyone– especially NOT by the RICH ENTITLED ROMNEY.

I think it is horrible that Romney would make statements that could endanger the life of the first African-American (Bi-racial) President. How does Romney think the core KKK branch of his party will take his remark about Obama handing over American entitlements to Black folks? Does Romney not know that the President probably faces more threats against his life than any other President in the history of this country?

Should Romney make these types of WILD remarks which HE KNOWS could provoke the KKK Republicans (who have not had much sleep since Obama was elected) in his party. Is racial politics, as Romney brazenly demonstrated today, really the way to pacify the increasingly ignorant and racist base of the Republican party? A Republican party base that has exalted ignorance and illiteracy to an art form!!! This is frightening. Where will we be by the time the elections are over? America will be more divided than it as ever been. SAD SAD SAD!

The assault on Eric Holder by Representative Issa and the other Republicans in Congress, was reminiscent of a lynch mob. Now, with the polls showing the increasing “LACK OF DIVERSITY” composition of the Republican party, and its attacks on Civil Rights, Voting Rights and minorities, the party is looking more and more like the Klan.

Mitt Romney spoke during his address before the NAACP in an arrogant and condescending manner. He appeared like a bully, daring the other side to respond to him. Romney is a Harvard educated lawyer, and it is disingenuous for him to pretend that he did not know his stomp speeches would engender the reaction it did before that audience. He is playing racial politics to his KKK base, and it is pathetic, sad and frightening. Romney SHOULD NOT BE ELECTED.

If Romney wins this election as the “Stepford wife” (married to the machinations of the Republican base) that he is, through fanning racial tensions, and thereby endangering the welfare and well-being of our lawfully elected President, he will be unable to contain the extreme divisions that will be created in the USA. Money might be front and center in these elections, but as Americans, we have always had the power vested in the people. We will not be oppressed by the KKK disguised as the Republican party.

The Ku Klux Klan is taking over the Republican party. It is pushing minorities in the party to the brink of despair, and excluding other minorities. It is not diverse, it is OLD, WHITE and just like Romney DISCONNECTED and ARCHAIC. This is not the Conservative party I used to know. This is party of a rotten bunch of unthinking peasants being controlled by the party aristocrats who are seeking to impose a plutocracy on the rest of us.

Mitt Romney is fanning danger. If he is elected, the racial flames would have been fanned so far that it will be impossible to contain. He is courting something worse than the turmoil in the 1960’s. Blacks, Hispanics and minorities are being systematically divested of political rights/suffrage in an increasingly hostile anti-minority party, and it will create huge problems.  Let me repeat, ROMNEY SHOULD NOT BE ELECTED!!