The Old Senate Chamber during the US Supreme C...

The Old Senate Chamber during the US Supreme Court’s residency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Romney has at least 32 BILLIONAIRES, publicly identified thus far, who have made contributions to his campaign and Super Pac (Yes, the Super Pac, American Crossroads, the one run by the scary and ruthless honest upstanding Karl Rove who has control over and runs no connections to the Romney camp). These groups of the Super wealthy, who also sound super entitled about these elections, have changed American electoral politics as we know it. The wealthy are poised to distort and destroy true choice in the USA. This election about the infusion of massive amounts of wealth and advertising as opposed to a true exchange of ideas and TRUE CHOICE.


We are in the birth throes of an aberrant Plutocracy foisted on us by an irresponsible Supreme court. A decision driven by their hatred of President Obama which has now resulted in the wealthiest Americans running the political terrain in its entirety. For those who do not know, a  plutocracy is a society that is ruled by its wealthiest members.


Further, the composition of the group Romney keeps company with, the Billionaires, some of whom have recently declared that they felt disenfranchised until the “Citizens United ruling”, show that Romney has no clue of what it is to be an average American. Consequently, he is incapable in the most absolute sense of responding to the needs of the vast majority of Americans. To make matters worse, since he is receiving these hefty contributions in our new banana republic normal, he is beholden in the most absolute sense to these interests. The special interests do not have to lobby any longer because they have invaded and co-opted our democratic process.


The Special interests, just as they did under George W. Bush, will call the shots and do with such a Presidency what they will. We still live with the outcome of his term in that office. Unfortunately, just as my grand Uncle stated many years ago, he is an unapologetic member of the African elite, the middle class do not think, especially in America. This is evinced in the support of Romney by those whose interests are certain to be most adversely affected should this ambitious and desperate man occupy that office.


Why would anyone consider voting for Romney, a man whom nobody really knows.  A man whose plans for improving the economy he claims to know so much about, have never been shared in any detail. Romney almost exclusively keeps the company of his fellow Billionaires. How can he therefore feel the pain of the average American since he has lived his entire live in a cocoon of privilege? How can we know this man whose life remains a mystery to us all???


How does making money for the wealthy give him the credential of economic “savior”? He is not more well versed in the economy than the President and cares NOTHING about the 99% because he does not know what or who they are! His career in the small state of Massachusetts tells the Romney story to some extent. He did not do a good job at all.  In addition, through out his 25 years at Bain Capital. how many people did he lift out of the middle class? He seems to be a faceless older, white-bred American who has not moved into the diverse America of today. Does Romney have friends or members of his family of any other race? How can he become President of our diverse country? A Romney Presidency would be like Apartheid in South Africa, except that the oppression obviously would be less overt.


Yes, the economy needs to get better but a self-centered and malleable man beholden to the wealthiest in society, a man who has shared no comprehensive plans for getting us out of this economic mess that was created by someone from the same Republican party, morass created by a man of similar character supported by the same Billionaire cabal, should not become President of this country.


An election of Mitt Romney would be a disaster and bring America that much closer to the brink of chaos. We have the American Spirit and even though many Americans are not deep thinkers, after a while, the picture of this plutocracy will create a mass movement.


People will demand their place in the pursuit of the American dream. America will be brought to its knees by the masses if this blatant oppression and effort to buy the election continues to be embedded in our country.


Mitt Romney should not be elected President. President Obama should be allowed to complete what he has started. The rich should not be allowed to buy this election. I pray that the indomitable American spirit will trounce this naked effort to turn the elections into a referendum of what the richest people in America can and will do to those who do not belong to their self centered and oppressive cabal of the wealthiest in this Nation. We have our vote and our minds. It is my hope and prayer that despite the massive amounts of wealth hurled at this election by Romney and others of his billionaire cabal, that he will not win the elections.


If Mitt Romney wins this election, that will be the first step towards the eventual destruction of our democracy, and gradual but inevitable devolution of our Union.