QUICK NOTE TO THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton with President Barack Obama and Senior...

Clinton with President Barack Obama and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett in July 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am unclear about this lack of discipline in the Obama message. This might be a treacherous month because of the expected Arizona SB1070 ruling, and the anticipated striking down of (at least some parts) the Affordable Health Care Law, Obama’s signature achievement The Supreme Court is actively and unabashedly partisan so I expect them to show their full hatred of the President by following their “Citizens United Ruling” with more irrational Judgments.  Anyway, all this was expected, so WHY is the campaign Reacting as though this time and activities in JUNE 2012 were unanticipated?? These are not events beyond the administration’s control and should be better handled, I mean, really!!!!!!!!!

The Karl Rove machine to elect a faceless and malleable Republican (does that sound familiar? Remember the last man who led us into two wars and almost destroyed our country fit this description too) has been in the works since 2010, so one would have thought that the Obama Campaign would have prepared for the usual tactics, but so far, they are responding in a haphazard way. My goodness!!! While the Rove Super Pac was electing Governors and Representatives to stymie the entire Obama agenda, what have the Obama folks been doing? I hope they have been preparing a sustained response based on their knowledge of the ruthlessness of Rove and his cohorts. It’s a Gang of the most ruthless and divisive politicians in my lifetime and Obama is their target. One would hope the President’s folks know the sort of ruthless Centaur  they are dealing with in Rove and his destruction machine.

I think Rovism transcends politics. Rove has some emm problems and his conduct evidences his background. He is not someone who should be in politics. Rove and others of his ilk make politics a very very bad and horrifying endeavor in 21st century America. Preparation and readiness can contain this man, Rove! He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get his candidate elected!  

Rove and company have pulled a Sarah Palin on Romney and put him out of the spotlight. Romney is a GAFFE master and so they have spared him the spotlight. Yet, somehow, allowed him to control the narrative and dialogue through his Surrogates and attack machine. WHY is the Obama side ceding control to Romney?

I am not voting for Romney for many reasons, primary of which is that I will not be voting for someone whose entire election bid is dependent on the failure of the American/World economy. His election will only occur in the event of increased job losses and horrific suffering to millions of Americans. If conditions improve, Romney will not get elected, so he and his election machine are working towards fanning an economic downturn. Thanks to the do-nothing Congress and the politics of division engineered and perfected by the insane Far Right.  

I have written here repeatedly about Obama’s need to defend the Healthcare Law in a piece meal manner. Instead, so far, they have allowed misinformation and fear, engineered by many fear mongering Republican Charlatans, to rule the dialogue. The Healthcare discourse has been stilted and this singular piece of spectacular legislation has become an attack tool for the Romney folks???? WHY??? Obama made the law. He can make it popular by explaining it in pieces to the not too savvy American populace.

Most people from countries that are stratified, based on class (and admit it, unlike the delusion in America about equality), know that the general populace is easily swayed by fear and sensational nonsense, if repeated often enough!! The only way to handle the reaction to the Health Care law and other pieces of landmark legislation by the President is by starting a strong campaign to provide FACTS to the public. The Heath Care legislation is LAW… made on Obama’s watch. He has to market and defend it, AGGRESSIVELY. Rove and his Cohorts are doing what they do best, turning a GREAT thing into  a bad thing!! And Obama’s folks are allowing it. What about the Stimulus?? It saved us from impending doom and now it is a bad thing??? The information has to be shared in a SIMPLE way with the public. This tactic of Rove and changing good to bad, must change.

As for Obama and his Rogue Surrogates, how chaotic!!!. This has to STOP NOW. President Clinton has to be reined in. He is adding to the chaos. It is better to have a few key surrogates and not this bunch of baboons who constantly stray of message. The message should be … “This is what I have done and this is what Romney and his support of the Ryan plan will do”. That is the Surrogate message and it is simple. The number of Surrogates and their appearances should be better choreographed by the democrats. the choreography can only be addressed by training and retooling. This is not a time for off the cuff pronouncements. It is time to rein them in and make everyone stand in line. 

The memories of people are short. The Incumbent President has to remind them of where they have COME FROM, and where they are HEADED.  Obama has to articulate his vision while relentlessly attacking Romney’s specious claims of magical governance and experience. Obama MUST simultaneously expose Romney’s pernicious and inhumane policy opinions. Romney is King of Bain. Let him defend his track record. He should be playing defense NOT THE PRESIDENT.

Romney appears only on Fox and sends his surrogates to do the talking on other channels and outlets. It is exhausting. Who is Romney and what are his plans for America. No one knows the real Romney. All we know is little specks of information here and there. This helps them control the narrative because Obama is fighting against a big GHOST… booo…  Turn the lights on and expose this GHOST. Who is Romney and who is this Challenger that only appears on Conservative media???

When Romney appoints his Veep, he is going to get a bump in the polls. If the Supreme Court strikes down the Healthcare Law, that is another issue. The Obama re-election team has to be ready for this. I hope they are ready with a list of all the good things the plan contained and has done in States like Massachusetts. I hope they are ready to shine the light on Romney!!! 

It is not late and nothing has gone terribly awry but EVERYONE could have reasonably anticipated this fight to “death”. This election fully involves the participation of KARL ROVE for crying out loud. OMG!!!! I read his book, this man is dangerous !!!!  If Karl Rove showed up in my home, I would FEAR for my life and that of my family and friends. I am serious, that man is dangerous in every way. He was the one who destroyed McCain’s political career during the election cycle before the last,   when he, Rove, started that vicious lie about McCain and his so-called, out-of-wedlock daughter from a Black prostitute. All complete  prevarications from the Rove book of political destruction. Rove is deadly and all that can stop his machinations are prayers and action. proactivity!!

Anyway, the Obama re-election Camp needs to rein in Surrogates and force Romney out in the open. He has to defend his positions. He is the anti-Obama candidate and yet no one knows whom he is !!!! The President’s Bully pulpit should be better utilized than it is at this time. A CHALLENGER no matter how dubious his supporting Super Pacs are, and the extent to which they will go, should not CONTROL THE NATIONAL DIALOGUE!!!


Smoke out Romney! Let him defend himself. He is the CHALLENGER. HE does not get to hide and call the shots. Change the NARRATIVE now.


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