This election is fast becoming a mirror of the prevarication concocted by Cheney and Rumsfeld during the Bush Presidency. These two war mongers fabricated and sold to the public, an illusory and blatant lie, a connection between Iraq and the fabricated Weapons of mass destruction and the attacks of 9/11. The public was conned into supporting the senseless war in Iraq. A damaging war that has contributed in large part to our economic woes. In Mitt Romney the same false connection and vile prevarication in the media is being parleyed again. He is being portrayed as knowledgeable about the economy because he was a Venture capitalist and is very wealthy!!!!!!!!!! This connection is illusory and vicious. Romney’s vast personal wealth has not translated into good governance in the past, in the small state of Massachusetts, and will not make any impact on Economic issues on this grand scale either!!!

Yes, the Presidential elections will be about the economy, at least for now.  I have an ability to analyze issues in politics quite effectively. I understand the media, press and I am far removed enough from the collective American psyche that I can effectively analyze the trends and this why I am making this post today. The trend this month has been quite astonishing and will be a referendum on how easily conned the public can be. Can Americans really think? That is the million dollar question in this election.

I am amazed at the undisciplined campaign the Obama folks ran this month. I watched with astonishment the inability of the Obama election folks to anticipate rogue surrogates who are helping Romney sell his gross prevarication and illusory connection.  Even Bill Clinton’s drunken rants about Romney yesterday which sounded like an adulation of Obama’s opponent should have been anticipated and a response planned. Instead, Romney’s election machine has used this opportunity to release his carefully doctored financial returns and on a weekend too!! Amid the Bacchanalia interestingly created by an a 0.1% in the unemployment report, and the effusive endorsement of Mitt Romney by Bill Clinton, the Romney folks allowed the chaos to rule the airwaves and cause chaos, and later in the day quietly released what would have ordinary been a testimonial of why Mitt Romney is so out of touch with the needs of the average American.

The Bain attacks are effective and should also be infused with what Obama has done and will do. They advertisements should be clear attacks on Romney’s records. The elections are a referendum on BOTH candidates. It is nonsense to sell it as a referendum on the sitting President. What about the challenger. We should know what a Romney Presidency would look like. This is the job of the Obama folks. They need to control the dialogue and not leave it up to the press.

Why is America divided about Romney and what choice does he provide??? He was a business man who made a ton of money and promised to translate it into governance. He was elected in the state of Massachusetts-based on these claims and he failed woefully in his efforts to deliver on his so-called business experience. If he could not deliver in Massachusetts, how can we think he will do any thing different nationally. The referendum, despite the narrative in the main stream press, should be on OBAMA AND ROMNEY. We need to know what has been done by both men in the past and what can be done in the future!

Unlike the prophesies in his church about Romney being the Messiah, Obama is not the imaginary mystic White Knight to come deliver us.  He is our elected President and is working hard for us. Obama has done a good job of dragging the country out of the worst recession in recent times. Compared to our contemporaries in the Western world, it is clear that our decision to spend as opposed to taking austerity measures, as proposed by the Republican congress and their Presidential nominee, is largely responsible for driving us out of the recession. Obama could not have completed his work in 3-years and so it is absurd to judge him based on this short spell. However, Obama needs to continue the Bain attacks along with a clear and SIMPLE blue print of his plans for the economy, what he has done thus far and starkly contrast it with Romney’s past and future plans.

The elections will test the ability of the American populace to think. Most people worldwide, at least privately, do not think much of the average American’s intellectual abilities or rational thought processes. But, I believe that if Obama conducts a disciplined campaign by working on the economy and creating a sharp contrast between him and Romney, the issue will be more easily resolved. Obama is a better President and compassionate leader than arrogant Romney could ever be.

We cannot elect a president because he says that he is not Obama. What exactly does that mean? What does he plan for us and what did he do in the past.  This is all too familiar. An ambitious man with no real plan who can be molded and used by his fellow millionaires and foreign policy hawks to start unnecessary wars and run the economy into the ground. There is a reason why so many old hawkish billionaires are supporting Romney with monastic dedication. They know he will allow them the usual free rein and more. Who is beholden to these special interests more than a President they helped elect. This election is a test on our democratic ideals as a nation and a lot rests on the ability of the public to think. I mean really think past the fluff and gross misrepresentations of this challenger and his so-called mystical plan to fire up the economy.

Electing a President who is depending on the economic failure of the country is as bad as one who bets against the country at war. We know very little about Romney except that he has all of the Bush cronies working for him and that he has promised the billionaires a return to those destructive policies. He has to be defined by Obama and contrasted. That is the only way this election will be won. That is the only way Americans will be compelled to think. Give them the break down of Bain, tell them about the State of Massachusetts and how Romney ran it, tell them about what Obama has done, tell them how Congress has blocked every effort to improve the economy, and then Obama should propose an excellent plan for the next four years. All this should of course be simple. As Americans, our brains have been attacked by the unending assault of 24/7 cable opinions and abuse disguised as news.

Fighting two wars simultaneously, cutting taxes for the wealthy and deregulating the entire financial system created a Wild Wild West in the US for about eight years. Surely, our memories cannot be that short! Surely we can think, can’t we?

One of the strongest Republicans in my family who will be voting for Romney told me that she knew he would be a horrible President but did not want Obama to be President any longer. She stated that she believes that the President is not American enough! Sounds like she spends too much time drinking the Kool aid distributed by Fox News and Limbaugh like folks…

Romney cannot be elected President because he says, I am not Obama! That is his ludicrous declaration and should be soundly rejected. I am rich and ran a successful business, says Romney!! So what? How does that help us in America. How does that translate into jobs. This is another WMD, IRAQ and 9/11 connection. Fabricated and meant to rattle the malleable minds of the public. Look at what the jobs report brought today??? Must the entire economic fabric of the US be shaken in this way because of a 0.1% differential?????? During the Bush years, hardly any new jobs were created and yet the fickle market and the public continued in their bubble. Now that Obama has set things in motion and people should be supporting his efforts, they shaking at every single economic news no matter how reversible.

I do not think Romney is fit to be President at this time. He does not understand the average American. His record stinks. And his ability to make money for his shareholders does not translate into good governance. He is not what America needs at this time. We do not need the old Bush policies revived again. This country is not an Oligarchy.  America should allow Obama finish what he started! Obama should calm down and run an organized campaign making this a referendum ABOUT HIMSELF AND ROMNEY.  The Die is CAST, Alea iacta est, it is time to go forward on what needs to be done by Obama to remain in power in order to finish what he has started!


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