Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the second or third time someone from the Obama campaign has gone off script. Not as badly as Booker did, who blatantly attacked the President, but includes Biden and his support of Same-sex marriage and the Hillary Rosen with her remarks about “Stay at Home Mothers”. The Obama campaign has to enforce discipline!! I am a runner and I know that if you are not disciplined, no matter how talented you are, as I am, you will not make it.

This should not happen again! The Surrogates for the Obama campaign should be carefully screened. The Obama message is stellar and true. This is the message among other minor ones that has caused Right leaning Independents like me to support President Obama. I have no interest in Romney and the fact that he just wants to be President because he feels entitled, makes it all the more critical that he not be elected. The Republican party messed up when they forced him down our throats. I was a Republican but will NOT be forced by the establishment to support the least likely candidate to do well in the role of President.

Romney cannot be allowed to talk up a storm about Obama without examining his own record and allowing us to determine what he could do in the future based on his past record.

A manager of PRIVATE EQUITY as I have always stated here and elsewhere is NOT the needed qualification for the position of President. If he says he has created jobs, then he should defend his record.

As for the Democrats, if this lack of discipline continues they are likely to feel the ire of many of us who loathe campaigns that have no clear discipline.  I hope Corey Booker’s blatant treachery and self-serving, self promoting rhetoric is a lesson for the Obama campaign. The McCain campaign started falling apart because of lack of discipline. At this time the Obama campaign is looking like an athlete that will not do the work, undisciplined and distracted.

This nonsense must stop. The Corey Booker’s in the  campaign must be flushed out. Before anyone is described as a Surrogate, he must be well-tried and tested. Any surrogate that goes against the party as blatantly as Corey Booker’s should be disavowed and never allowed to hold any political office under the auspices of the Democratic party.

This is a message to the Democratic party, GET DISCIPLINED. Stop these slip ups now or else the elections will get harder and more tedious. Screen, manage and contain. Stick to the message about Romney because it is working.

Next time, before the Republican establishment sticks a candidate down our throats, they will look for someone who is well liked and has a real record of public service. We do not appreciate electing entitled Frat boys. Yes, I was a strong Bush supporter but did not like the outcome. I will NOT be doing that again.

The Blatant treachery of Corey Booker is not the problem, the lack of discipline and control in the party is showing itself in these instances. The matter must be resolved immediately.