I do not watch Lawrence O’Donnell often because he is a cantankerous angry old White man who could drive any Independent nuts. I am thankful that I rarely watch him because his smugness and evangelical atheism is very annoying and most unwarranted.

Apparently, angry old O’Donnell did not get the memo about his little tired speech on Stereotyping and leaning backwards. Why on earth does he deem it necessary to assail Christ or speak of God in such disrespectful and disparaging terms. If there are Republicans or other Right leaning folk who have views he finds objectionable, surely it does not require that smug annoying and intended to sound condescending tone. On the show I watched, he was talking about what Christ would do. His tone spoke volumes and the context was totally insulting.

I know O’Donnell is a rabble-rouser. I thought most angry old men were Republican but apparently some rabid ones are also on the Left.

This election will be a test of the soul and mind of the average American. The numbers show that Obama saved America from total disaster. Compare America to its contemporaries in the developed world and his success becomes more apparent.

The economy was shrinking when Obama took office, however within 6-months, it started growing again. The bailout provided for the “Too big to Fail Rogues” was necessary, as were the checks put in place at the time. Tax payer money bailed the Banks out and so they had to be made accountable to the tax payer. The recent JP Morgan massive loss would have been another “domino disaster” in the financial sector had it not been for the new regulations regarding capitalization of Banks and other control mechanisms put in place by Obama.

I could go on and on about Obama’s economic record even though most people are fixated on the day-to-day nonsense spewed by Fox News and the antics of far left Liberals that threaten to make this election a clown show and derail the election of Barack Obama. Even though I am a Right leaning Independent and Conservative on many issues, I know enough to see that this President has to be provided a chance across board to complete the job he is doing. He should be re-elected. The media are responsible for fanning the hysteria in people about the economy because of the hyper vigilance created by a 24-7 news cycle and people like O’Donnell are so off-putting that his rhetoric might turn off people who are on the fence regarding re-electing our able President.

I do not know why O’Donnell is so angry and determined to continue his scurrilous attacks against Christianity. The stereotyping in which he engages are the same as that held by the uneducated base of the Republican party, some of who persist in using the code words, “Muslim” and “Born in Kenya” as an insulting way of screaming “Obama is Black and so he cannot be allowed to do good work, we must get rid of him”. I hope O’Donnell rethinks his blatant disrespect of our beliefs and his assault on our Christian beliefs. Being educated does not automatically translate into atheism. There are educated people who believe or do not believe so his smug abuse and attacks are unwarranted and foolish.

The angry Mr. O’ Donnell should confine his attacks to the personalities that hide under the banner of Christianity for their vitriolic anti-Obama and Anti-American sentiments. He should stop attacking Christians and those who are unable to defend themselves.

Stop abusing Christian beliefs, Lawrence O’Donnell and stick to the core of the issues you discuss. Not only is it wrong to abuse our faith in the smug way you do so, but your extreme positions will turn people off any message you hope to convey. You are old angry and anti-Christian, an evangelical atheist, a truly exhausting and irritating combination.  MSNBC deserves better than your hysterical extremism and attacks on Christians. Take some lessons from Chris Mathews (the best of the best), Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow or even Rev Al!!!  Christians will be voting for Obama too and you have no right to put them off or squelch their vote by your angry anti-Christian rants!