President Obama in Tucson: "The Forces th...

President Obama in Tucson: “The Forces that Divide Us are Not as Strong as Those that Unite Us” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I was astounded that the President waded into this murky territory of gay marriage this late in the day. I was going to post a piece yesterday but decided against doing so because of the blistering criticism from the Christian Right. I am a member of the Christian Right, however, I like the President… a lot. I certainly prefer him to Mitt Romney and so was, and still am very hesitant to cast aspersions upon him even though his position is absolutely against my PERSONAL religious convictions.

I emphasize personal because I have come to realize that each person has a right to pursue happiness and liberty in the way they choose. I will evangelize them if I have the opportunity to do so but I know that I cannot force people to see things my way. Only the Holy Spirit can do so. God judges all of us and we ALL are is children, even the atheists, so I am hesitant to write a fire and brimstone piece on this position by our President. Suffice it to say that I was quite sad about it because it hurt me. Just as some are rejoicing and calling it a Civil Rights matter, for me, it seemed to be a slap in the face of what I personally believe.

I am not going to go further into this issue because America is mostly an immoral and hypocritical society and so I do not want to lend my voice to the wholesale condemnation or rejoicing over the President’s remarks on this issue. I absolutely disagree with him but it is what it is. I am Christian and conservative and he is more liberal than I am. I have always known that anyway.

My other concern is about the political backlash it might create! Despite the liberal and progressive joy, I do not know if America is ready for a President who boldly supports sex between same-sex folks. Even though the polls appear to support the issue, the polls might not be entirely correct.  I think sometimes people say things to pollsters to be politically correct, or respond in the heat of the moment but in reality, in the booth, they think and vote differently.

An example is the Trayvon Martin case. For me, I found the actions of Zimmerman morally reprehensible but I support gun ownership and stand your ground principles. I do not think Zimmerman should be allowed to use the defense of the “Stand your ground law” but I think the law is good law. However, to a pollster, in all that heat at that time the matter broke, and because the person killed was a young minority, I do not know whether I could have admitted that I thought that law was good. I can do so now that the Trayvon Martin issue is not so heated. But at the time, I was focused on the injustice of the big picture. If I had to vote on that law now, I would not vote against it in my state. So you see, polls do not paint the whole picture sometimes. That is what I think.

The Gay lobby is a very vocal minority and so I do not know if their voices and economic might skewed the polls on this issue, and created a potential “Bradley effect” on the matter. I am concerned because even Black folks who are not Christian do not generally feel comfortable with men kissing and having sexual contact. If the Black community is so repulsed by the President’s declaration that they stay away from voting in November, that could be quite bad for Obama because he needs a solid representation of the Black community to get re-elected!

As we wait to see how this unfolds, I am trying to understand why the President could not wait for a 2nd term to make this declaration. I hope he has an out for this issue if it starts looking bad. If it was a strategic move, what about us Independent Right leaning folk who support him? Do our beliefs  count? I do feel sad.

However, I like and respect the President even though I do not agree with this decision. All we can do as Christians is to wait in love, and keep praying for our leaders.


PS: When Bush was in office, many churches prayed for him all the time. Now Obama is in office, I do not hear Church leaders asking people to pray for him. Is he not our President??? Does the Bible not ask that we pray for our leaders???? Am just saying. 🙂  I will bring it up soon to some of these Churches I visit. Obama is our President and just as we prayed for Bush, so should we pray for Obama! Pray for God to bless, protect and guide the President in all that he does. Amen!