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Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should he also not be blamed for the economy as is the current vitriolic narrative by so many??? After all, we have Congress, the “do nothing so that Obama is a one term President pansies”, losers!! We  also have errant Governors that do not care about their states and are focused on some weird social agenda etc. etc. Making sure their economies, at least in my opinion, continue to flounder while they focus on unions, abortions and everything else but creating economic stability!

The extent of this hypocrisy is stunning to me because it is so BLATANT. News flash fools—-Barack Obama is the President, and if the Bin laden killing had been botched, he would have been destroyed as President. He would not even have a chance in this term. The Republican Super pac (of bullies) would be singing and playing it day and night.

Meanwhile, the persisting and strong legacy of George Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld is a failed strong-arm war policy, and an inability to catch the main perpetrator, Bin Laden. I do not even want to discuss the economic consequences of not having created jobs over an eight year period, as occurred under Bush. His mismanagement is largely what brought us here in our economy, and is responsible for the huge deficits created by fighting two wars. Romney wants to go back to the failed Bush policies???? What is heRomney proposing for the economy?? Anyway, that is for another Blog piece.

If a Republican had killed Bin Laden and had the guts to do it, it would probably have been a campaign slogan for that Republican! Yet, they have the temerity to say Obama is taking too much credit for it??? If he would have taken full blame, should he not take full credit?? If the operation had failed WOULD THE SPECIAL OPS HAVE BEEN BLAMED????? This rant by the Right, that Obama is taking too much credit is absurd, and makes me so irritated that I have been so solidly Republican for so FREAKIN’ long!

Truth be told, since the Democrats are generally weak on issues of National defense, I did not expect Obama to do so well. As I have also written here, I think he is a far better candidate than Romney, Romney with his billions, lack of commitment to public service, arrogant and entitled attitude.He is a nightmare for those of us that lived in MA, and know he has a possibility of becoming President. After what he did in MA, he should have been banned from ever seeking national office.

I hope the President does not allow this political brow beating stymie his ownership of this Bin Laden issue. The ads criticizing Obama are incredibly deceptive, and I hope these horrific ads that seek to paint the President as anything but taking PROPER  AND FULL credit for what he ordered and executed, are refuted and repudiated by his fellow Democrats.

It is also VALID to ask what Mitt Romney would have done had he been President. Since Romney was so full of “respect and reverence” for Pakistani air space when he discussed this issue during past debates, I doubt that he would have sent in the Special Ops. He would probably NOT have given orders even to bomb the compound let alone send in Special Ops.

Barack Obama killed Bin Laden. He gave the order for the lunatic to be killed. He should take full credit for it.  This asinine brouhaha is similar to a writer of a book being criticized for not giving credit to the publisher, binders, printers etc. Yes, they should receive some credit but the issue is whether the book is considered good by the purchasing public. the BUCK begins and ends with OBAMA in this case and he should own it FULLY because it is his RIGHT.

As for the economy, with all that I have been reading and watching, I see that the Republican party cares nothing for millions of Americans who need work etc. The issue most pressing to them is that the economy fail, no matter how decimated millions of people are by the winds economic uncertainty. Romney, it seems, is betting on the failure and pain of MILLIONS of Americans. He should not be ELECTED.

Romney is running and praying that the economy get worse. If it does not, he will not be elected.The Super Pacs aka “third political party of the rich”, can put all the ads they want in the paper and explode the airwaves with their incensing lies, as Mitt Romney graces our screens with his grin and smug look of self entitlement.

I don’t know about you, but anyone who is working towards the failure of the economy and whose entire success is hinged on its failure is not someone I want to elect as President.  Despite the economy, there is more to our America.

One can only hope that the Obama folks are ready to work behind the scenes and do all they can to wrest the economy out of the hands of those who appear to be manipulating it so handily. Those who are opposed to reducing American reliance on Oil, and these people who are prepared to lay off hundreds and thousands of state workers to spike the unemployment rate, and create fear in the minds of the American public should be overcome.

Yes, as Americans, we are not known for our strong ability to sieve through media hogwash BUT God lives and he is able to do anything. I pray we elect an in-touch down to earth President, and leave the Billionaires to exchange cigars and Cadillacs in their country clubs or whatever they do there… hahaha 🙂

Seriously, there is no reason to elect Romney. He wrecked MA, and should not be allowed to wreck America.