Politically America is a Common Banana Republic!!!

U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, before I go into my piece, I do not understand when the Rasmussen poll. which is one of the most right leaning polls became the bedrock for measuring Presidential polls. If I recall, during the McCain Obama electoral season, their polls were always skewed and showed Obama with lean leads everywhere. Anyway, shows you how much things have changed.

Well, the reason I am writing this is because America is now a little better than a Banana Republic, at least politically. In this era of Super Pacs, the battle for people’s votes is completely based on who has the most money. Judging from the Billionaire Romney, and the support he has from a legion of fellow billionaires, I do not have any illusions for one minute that he is going to fight for the soul of America with anything other than LIES and money– in the same manner politicians do in other Banana Republics. Votes are bought and elections are rigged in undeveloped countries. So is this not what America is poised to do in this election season?

Just as I read the Bush v. Gore Case, and was astounded at the right leaning and brazen bias of the Supreme court, assisted of course by Al Gore’s lawyers loose arguments. I am shocked that the American Supreme Court, in a country that wants to make the entire world democratic, has ruled that corporations can buy elections.

The American public is not known for their incisive and in-depth analytical thinking. If you dispute this contention, please think about the insane connection that  WE  bought regarding the rationale for the war in Iraq. Iraq did not attack us!!! There was no proof of weapons of mass destruction  in Iraq, and Al Qaeda was not in Iraq. In addition, most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and not one was Iraqi. Yet, on account of the media hype, and initial mindless support of the war by the war mongering draft dodgers in the Bush administration, most of the American public supported the war. This is just an example of how little we can analyze issues.

In America, just as in other Banana republics, the country runs on racism and all manner of “tribalism”. Politics with Romney at the helm of the Republican party will be a RACIST run. Hey, Romney belongs to a church that believed for a LONNNNG time that Black skin was a curse from God. I rest my case. Anyway, in general, I also believe that racial divisions are mostly orchestrated at a high level by those who need the race to stay relevant and divisive especially folks like Romney and Gingrich with all their dog whistles about welfare etc.. However, that is a post for another day.

I hope President Obama attaches a positive note to his campaign of fairness. Even some of us who are ardent supporters of his, need a message of hope to motivate us. We are assaulted by daily cries of woe about our country, and attacked by screams of the dire economic and other sad indicators, consequently, the last thing we need is for the President to focus on the things that are wrong alone.

The elections are being bought  by corporate interests and the moneyed folks who are irate by Obama’s policies–which seem focused as it were on the masses aka Commoners as the British would call them. These Billionaires intend to buy the very soul of America by embarking on a campaign of calumny and abuse, and it is draining to think of what awaits us in the coming months.

How  is America different from a dictatorship???? Is it because the Constitution exists?? If the wealthiest USE THEIR MONEY TO determine who ascends into the highest office of the land, then is this country not the very thing it claimed it was trying to export under George Bush??? Is this not the opposite of a democracy??? Are the rich the so called “American people?” No, they are not. This is an election of the wealthiest who will do anything to steal the very soul of America. They, like Mitt Romney et al, think it is their birthright to RULE over us. I hope they are proved wrong.

I do not know what I would be doing politically if I were not Christian and trusting in God. The Republicans starting with Romney eviscerating his Republican primary opponents, have shown us what to look forward to. It is our hope that while President Obama fights back and keeps the Republican attacks at bay.

I pray the President shows us what a Presidency of Romney portends for the country. The Presidency of Romney is the rule of the Republican party which has become almost unrecognizable to some of us moderates. We are unable to support a party that carters to the rich and protects corporate interest while treating the rest of America like serfs. The concept of trickle down economics is atrocious and I give kudos to Reagan for selling it at that time. However, the rich do not have to get richer and the poor do not have to pick up the crumbs. Romney should NOT be elected President.

When I became a lawyer, like many others in my family, I thought that I could bring some justice to the world in some way. Instead, I spend my time praying for America, and praying hard that people will stop being so gullible and unthinking– I pray that people will scream a collective NO at this naked effort to continue in this aberrant and vile effort– to completely transform this country into a Banana Republic under the dictatorship of the rich. Wealth cannot and should not be allowed to control this so-called democracy.

It is not a democracy when the entire process is controlled by a wealthy few. It is a dictatorship. America looks like a MERE BANANA REPUBLIC. This “Citizens United” ruling that has allowed DIRTY money into our politics STINKS. It should be repealed.