Its Not Just About Trayvon, Please Face The Fundamental Issues

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Marti...

President Lyndon B. Johnson and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meet at the White House, 1966 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel the utmost sympathy for Trayvon’s parents. I can only imagine what it is like to lose a child. The pain and loss must be unbearable, and it can only be worse for them to know that he was murdered and no real investigation was conducted into his death.

I hope I am not going to sound callous but this is the American way. It is not just about Trayvon because it is a larger issue than his murder. This issue has to do with the American continuing culture of oblique and overt racism and the choice of most people to ignore it, dismiss it or just be rabid about it. We must find a balance.

America has a racist culture that  lives and thrives woven into the fabric of this nation.  It is a culture in which people deny the stratification of the society and refuse to acknowledge the massive chasms between the wealthy elite, educated elite, the growing elite, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics etc. You get my point. It is a nation that lives a lie. Until these matters are addressed truthfully and dismantled just as Apartheid was, racial injustice will continue and the stereotypes and murders will not stop.

I do not know the facts about Trayvon’s death and I do not want to make a rush to judgement, although of course if past acts are a determinant of current issues, then it is more likely than not that he was profiled and shot. However, this outcry will, like other issues, abate, until another one catches national attention unless the Black community does more than march and complain.

It irks me when people aver that we live in a post racial era because we elected Barrack Obama as President. I think, his election made racism worse. Americans being the deeply enlightened lot they are, all yawning with their mouths wide open and dressing as hobos at every chance they get, have deepened the racial divide. if Hillary Clinton had been elected as President, should people therefore assume that all sexism was suddenly over?

I am tired of these sporadic explosions of ever-present racial bombs. The issues of race should be put on the table in full view of everyone and should be rigorously discussed. Racism in America is as endemic as Apartheid to the extent that most people do not even know that it is simply wrong. They do not know their actions and racist views are unjustified because we live out racism in such a subtle and overt way daily. We are desensitized to it because it is part of who we have become…thanks to politicians, the history of slavery and the American culture of not being able to think for yourself and being so malleable to opinions and practices that are unjustifiable and irrational.

Racial division is woven into politics and becomes even more etched in people’s minds. Think of Newt calling President Obama a “welfare President” and the image that conjures in the mind of the average American. Welfare has a Black face despite the fact that there are far more White Americans receiving welfare. Why does it have a Black face? It is political and exploited by the skewed representation in the media.

Black Americans have bought the lie about being good at Sports and Entertainment only. Poverty is endemic in the Black community and the laws and the skewed Judicial process helps to keep the cycle of poverty alive.

There is no easy solution for racism in America. It is so deep in the minds of so many that the solution for Black America is to continue a sustained fight against it by continuing to work in bettering our selves, and reject all efforts to marginalize the entire group. Outside of the frank discussion and the appeal to the collective conscience of America to stop promoting these racial divisions, I think it is time for the Black community to start to help itself more. They are doing what they can to date but more can be done.

The focus should be on education and not how much “paper” aka money you can make. You can positively manipulate and understand your environment through getting an education, and then can also live a good life. The mindless pursuit to become the next Jay Z is turning the Black community into a parochial and limited community focused on the wrong things. Black Americans are great and should lean into that greatness. Reading the history of Black America and the obstacles they have overcome is incredible. There should be great pride in being part of that history. I am extremely proud that I am an African from the great Continent of Africa. that pride is part of who I am and it is a sustaining and complete feeling of wholeness. I love being African. 🙂

The American lie is that as a Black person living in America, you have to accept limitations in many ways. It demands that you have to respond to the way people clasp their bags on the train when you approach them etc. The demands create a Black America with a chip on its shoulder. Why should you bear the burden of the ignorance of another person? Let the racist deal with his foolishness. Do not carry a chip on your shoulder because of the opinions of some racist buffoon.

There are good people of all races. It was White America that enabled the Civil Rights Bill become law. White Americans marched alongside Blacks, and got killed as well, in the fight for Civil Rights. It was White America that elected a Black President. It is White Americans that have given me all the opportunities I have had as an immigrant here in the US. I am not saying that Black Americans could not have done helped me as an Immigrant but White Americans helped me get settled etc. I am asking that this matter not be a White against Black issue. The fight is against those unlearned, un-soaped charlatans who attempt day after day to make our beautiful color a negative issue.

There are White Americans who live in Africa, in my country of origin, and some even live in war-torn countries and have dedicated themselves to different causes in those countries. They remain there even in times of extreme danger. I share this because when we rail against racism, it is important to know that Black America needs White America, and White America needs Black America.

Yes, there is a vile culture of racism and segregation in America, but there are also good people of ALL races in this great country. Black America has to continue to help itself and these good people, White and Black will continue to fight to contain racism here.

Until the core issues fueling racism are discussed and dismantled, Black America needs to place as much focus as possible on education, and a continue with great determination to struggle to triumph against the odds. Every country has its own maladies, ours in America just happens to be racism. It could be worse, much worse. It is not a good thing but it is surmountable because the practice of racism, when overt or proven, is illegal and actionable, at least for the most part.

Every Black person needs to work hard and keep trying hard against the odds no matter how indomitable they might appear. Living in America is what it is. It is life at its best and worst. You have to decide to live and have joy.  You must trust God and do the best that you can at everything you can.

This is not just about Trayvon, it is about the collective soul of America and the festering canker of endemic racism that so many choose to ignore. A Black life is deemed of less worth than a White one BUT Black America must not buy that lie. Our lives are worth that of any other person in any racial group.  We cannot believe the lie because it is limiting! The problem starts when Black America starts feeding into the “no good” stereotype machine promoted on TV, online etc! Black America is a rich and progressive community and the work must continue.

The struggle in life is the same all over the world. To have joy, you have to fight to overcome obstacles, forcefully war when you have to do so, and do not be forced to become an angry vengeful person when you are wronged. Do your best and keep praying and trusting God through it all. There is an issue and it can be overcome by each of us taking an individual step and decision to be the best we can, and rise above the morass that is the American culture of exclusion and oppression by SOME folks. Remember we need White America and they needs us too.

We are ONE country and One People despite the fact that many who grew up here in America have been programmed to believe something different. Reprogram your mind and take the great future that can be yours! Let this moment be one that changes the trajectory of your life. Determine to overcome the odds and refuse to become bitter on account of inaccurate and baseless categorizations rampant in this society. It can be a good life if you can analyze and choose a good path for yourself. Yes, you will struggle but can triumph too. You have to try hard and stay at it! 🙂

I wish you well!