I am stunned that on the anniversary of the Healthcare plan, there was not a squeak about it by the Administration. I am a lawyer and have advanced degrees in law. One of the issues I spent time studying during my last Master of Laws degree was the Healthcare plan. I think it does wonders for the middle class and is in itself an achievement of Monumental proportions.

It is typically American to believe everything people read and hear online and the attacks against the plan are not founded on fact. So WHY DOES THE PRESIDENT not go on the offensive and launch an out-and-out explanation of this law. The defense lies in explaining the benefits of the Law to the fickle and easily swayed middle class. These people who benefit the most from the law appear to be the most against it. 

The law is about 4,000 pages long and the language is strong legalese. I was able to understand it by discussing with my contemporaries in advanced legal studies, like me, but they had analyzed the law extensively as part of their own specialty.

 No law is perfect and neither is the healthcare law but I am benefiting from it and the complaints are based once again on the irrational hysteria fueled by the sheer amount of money that has been thrown against the plan in its entirety.

Americans are not monolithic but they are when it comes to emotive irrationality and political manipulation. Obama should have publicized the benefits of the plan starting with shooting down the errant cries of “pulling the plug on Grandma” by a mischievous set of the Republican party. 

  The Supreme Court is made of Activist Judges and I am hoping that the law is upheld. We already know two Justices and Roberts who appear to detest the President and whose party affiliations are evidently Republican. If they decide to destroy this landmark legislation, it would be based on judicial activism and not content. It would be some carefully orchestrated plan, much like the Super pac plan to ensure that Obama loses the Presidency of the United States of America.

Yes, the law is not perfect, but ignoring it will not make it go away. It is here and the sooner the public starts to take the cobwebs out of their Jersey shore infused minds and get some information into their brains about this law, the better it will be for the President.

I do not understand the idiotic and incensing polls we are inundated with about people who do not want the Healthcare law and want it repealed. What do they know about it????  They DO NOT know the benefits of the law so how can they be polled on the dribs and drabs of nonsense regurgitated by the anti-Obama pansies who will say anything to get him out of the White House even when a huge chunk of the population will benefit from the plan.

Yes, it is Obamacare! Is that meant to be derogatory? I think the administration should own it, defend it and drum up excitement for it. Hiding from it is counter productive because it will become an issue in the general election and it will not be enough to tell slithering Romney  aka Etch a Sketch that he was the founder of it all. He will say he made a mistake.

Dear Mr. President, you did a fantastic thing for the Middle Class and the country in passing that Bill. It was not perfect BUT it has many portions of it that can be brought to the fore and used to bolster the absolute necessity for an overhaul in the system as it was.

The strangle hold of bi corporate interests is fueling the ignorance and cries for repeal.

Mr. President, you passed a good bill. You made a difference. Please launch ads on TV and blast the airways with the benefits of what you have done.

You did a great thing and you should stand proud. The ignorance of the American public is legend and will continue until you respond to your detractors by answering their fear mongering and DRIVEL by providing fact. 

Defend and explain the Bill to the public. Use cartoons if that is what they will understand 🙂