The Long Primaries Might Affect President Obama

I have watched the primaries and wonder about the effect of the unending onslaught against President Obama. As I have stated here and elsewhere, I am a registered Republican but believe, and strongly too, that President Obama should be allowed to finish the work he has started.

I know that Americans, being the bright and forward thinking people we all are, inevitably vote for the best candidate. Ha! No. Americans vote their pocket books. Ideology is left at the door step. if the economy was not in the toilet, I do not know if Americans would have voted Obama in. It was obvious to everyone that McCain did not get it. No matter what TV shows deride Sarah Palin, and no matter how people mock her, she saved the near dead candidacy of John McCain.

The attacks against President Obama will continue into the indefinite future amidst the Republicans ripping themselves to shreds. I wonder what the Democrats are doing to address this issue. The American public is fickle and very malleable so I am hoping that when the Republican candidate is selected, President Obama can shake off the mud that is being thrown at him with monastic virulence.

I wonder why America thinks its brand of democracy is so good and should be exported to the rest of the world. It involves mud slinging, misrepresentations, attacks, racism, sexism and a hoard of other unpalatable dynamics. To compound it, our politically active Supreme Court has given corporations the ability to elect a President. How is this different from a dictatorship? The people’s minds are controlled by the media, the richest people wreck havoc on the race and at the end of the day only the grace of God enables a good candidate win.

I am unclear about why anyone would think Romney would be a good President. A man worth over $200 million who has lived in a cocoon of tearing apart corporations and making money simply cannot relate to the struggles of the common man.

Also, I hope ted Turner is aghast at the results of his 24 hour news cycle. The news makers feel a need to make up stuff. No where else is this more apparent than in the political arena. The polls, opinions masked as news, the war for the minds of America and the Super Pacs aka soulless corporate pirates!

This is the developed world? I hope Christians are all on their knees praying. This situation can only be remedied by God and I absolutely mean that!