Here is the definition of a Construct. It means ” To create something in mind: to create something such as a theory as a result of systematic thought.” Systematic might be flawed because systematic is not synonymous with correct.

I keep reading about Evangelical Christians as being Conservative and likely to vote for the Republican candidate. But who is n Evangelical in the apolitical sense? I am an Evangelical and pentecostal Christian through and through. I am the real deal so I wonder about the grouping of these myriad of folks who identify as Evangelicals. Why??????? They do not meet the basic criteria and so I am apt to think it is another political Construct to benefit one side of the political divide.

I am loathe to quote Wikipedia as I do not lend a significant amount of credence to the strength the site, however, it seems at least to some extent, to capture two fundamental tenets of Evangelical Christianity. It says that Evangelicals are “born again” and have a high regard for Biblical authority. It also speaks about Jesus and the central role he plays in our belief system. In addition, one thing many definitions de-emphisize is fellowship in Church, associating with fellow believers and praying often for all people regardless of their belief system or lack thereof.

Therefore, we have established some parameters of Evangelical Christianity. Let me add here that a lot of Black folk are Evangelical Christians too. I feel some Church bubbling up in me when I wrote that and so here it goesssss *Praise God*…. yay.

My issue here is that my Church and sect is super conservative, predominantly white and Evangelical. However, I do not think their vote is premised on their faith. I think their age and the classic American broiling but ignored racism that is etched in many a mind of ALL who were born and bred here, is the true reason they shift to certain candidates.

It is what it is. It is not a good thing but race is thrust at you from the day you are born in the USA. No matter how people deny it, it is a factor in American life and culture and sometimes influences people who have no clue that they hold racist views. You might want to read more about the Implicit Association Test. This test shows that Black and White folk are sometimes totally oblivious of how much they attribute to race.

Okay, regarding “Evangelical Christians”- I believe the media has grouped everyone who goes to Church or proclaims Christ as Lord as an Evangelical Christian. This is Wrong!

To us, who are true Evangelicals, these Church goers are nominal Christians whom you marry at your own peril (haha… I know). Also, unlike in the Bush era when we were convinced that he was a born again Christian (Ha-Thanks for that strategy, Rove. I love Bush but he was no Born Again Christian 🙂 ) , in this case, with Obama, I think that part of the issue here is that the older folk who identify as Evangelicals are not authentic Evangelicals AND they have issues with race that they do not know exists. *sigh* They are driven less by their so called Evangelical belief but because most of them cannot imagine anyone else but a White man holding the highest office in the land. It is generational, race related, and simply as American as Apple pie.

So, I wish the media would distinguish and stop throwing around the term Evangelical Christian with impunity.  I feel sickened that we are all lumped as Evangelical when most do not believe or practice the core tenets of our faith. And many of those who do, do NOT base their choices on that fact alone, at least not in this election cycle.

Being Evangelical means you think and have the wisdom of God. And it is that wisdom that makes me know that Obama needs to finish what he started and he certainly deserves 4 more years. Being Evangelical and Republican does not make me unthinking. It makes me a Conservative who loves this country and wants the best for it. This is why I pray for the President as I am asked to do by the Bible.  President Obama has done this country a lot of good and the media have pinned Evangelicals in a corner by making us seem like unthinking zealots. Well, many Evangelicals will be voting for Obama and the rest who do not have probably succumbed to the media onslaught and allowed their minds to be boxed into a so called voting group.

It is only rational to vote for the President who worked so hard to get us out of the worst recession in our lifetimes AND give him time to complete what he started.

Well, next time you hear Evangelical Christian just know that the media uses that term in loosest of ways. It does not capture a true demographic and sparse it. Old White men and women are voting their American Negative Implicit Association as opposed to their religious belief system. 🙂

Have a good one folks.


  1. I have just completed several post on a similar topic (2012 election and Christ). I do not believe that Christians of today realize that, regardless of what we profess as a denomination, there is only one church. Christ is the head of His church. Christ is not concerned with ethnicity, nationality or other factors we, as mere mortals, often associate people. The various denominations are, in a mere way, separationalist of the true church.Those who could not, or would not, fully succumbto certain dictates. I too am an Evangelic christian, however, i prefer non-denominational and often associate the two as being ever so similar or the same. I am older (61), caucasian, poor by standards.

    Want to stop racism? Truly stop it, or put a hulting to it! Stop referring to people as in terms of adjective descriptive conotations. When someone identifies someone to another who does not know them they use descriptives as “you know, he’s tall, about 190 pounds…….. a white guy( or black guy or spanish dude) from a few blocks away.”

    Perhaps if we, as Christ’s children, were to identify others as “he’s a brother or sister in Christ ” or “he/she’s someone yet saved in Christ Jesus”, we’d be more constant in our own association to the One Church. Whether Catholic, Protestant, methodist or, yes, even Evangelics.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for your comment.

    I do agree with you and wish it could be that way. We all see color but the weight placed on it in this society is astonishing.

    I hope there will be a world where we can truly stop pounding racism at the collective mind of this country. It has become endemic in our society.

    I will try what you have suggested to see if it works. However, being described as a Black dude should not be a bad thing should it? However in America, sometimes, those references are perceived by all as derogatory. As for being described as Mexican, wow, forget it. It is considered the clarion cry to indicate that said person is an illegal immigrant.

    God is able to touch hears and change minds. I am hopeful for an America in which Believers can rise above the fray and change the national dialogue. We continue to pray and trust God for guidance on this issue. God changes things when Believers pray! Amen.

    I enjoyed your observation. Do come back as often as you can. 🙂


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