Another Day to Embrace, Rejoice, Hope and Truly Live

Amazing to me how people wistfully say “another day”

Just another day? No, it is a glorious day. Approach it with expectation.

Hope for good no matter what obstacles come your way, it is in his hands.

This day is a blessing from God for many have not seen it because they have passed on.

Some who have seen it have learned nothing from it and have no hope in it. That is not our portion.

Yes, it’s another day but hopefully one approached with the wisdom of God. We simply must do so.

Every step ordered and guided by him through prayer and listening.

A day of gratitude to the Almighty, grateful to be in his embrace.

So, it’s not just another day spoken about with dread, fear and sadness.

It is not another day for cliches of “another day and another dollar”.

It is an opportunity to fully embrace this gift of life. To rejoice it it to be glad and thank God you are here.

It is an opportunity to do better and be better.

To love more and harder in the Agape way we are meant to do.

To turn your back on those things that distance you from God and seek him with more fervor.

This is another day, yes, another day of utter Hope in God, our Jehovah Shalom, our Peace! God our Hope. God the very essence of our lives for those who have lived and know what it is to be ensconced in his complete peace.