The Usual TV Politics and Their Scare Tactics.. Booooooooooo

It’s on again. The super Tuesday Brouhaha. Meanwhile, we know Romney has it all sewn up but we will continue to watch the pundits and radio hosts as they talk up a storm about Ohio and how close it is. HA Romney will most probably win Ohio. Why? Look at the Republican establishment. Those scary folk know what is at stake. Look at what happened to the delegate count in Michigan.  It just is what it is.

I do not understand why they keep bombarding the airwaves with polls about Obama and Romney. This is just March. A heck of a lot can happen between now and November so those polls just seem silly. I wish they would stop the poll hysteria. The polls are nonsense.

I do think it is an assault on the collective American mind to have TV so manipulated. It seems the search for truth now resides only in the ability of a citizen to analytically review the torrent of skewed information thrust at them. It appears sometimes that TV is just a chaotic zone of the rush for the mind of the American through any means possible. I thought the developed world was sophisticated in its democracy? This is not democracy. This barrage of political drama is high stakes banana republic stuff.

I am aghast that Rush is still on air. I am even more stunned that the Republican party is too frightened to question their news leader, Rush. It was not so much that he abused the law student but that his remarks were demeaning to us women folk as a whole. This again is an index of the way the party has unraveled.  Yikes.

Again, I am asking the question I asked when McCain was running. Is Romney the best the party could come up with??? Is this what we have to look forward to? The problem is not his wealth. The Bush family was phenomenally wealthy and elitist but he still connected to the masses. The Kennedy’s were rich too and yet connected to the nation. There is a fundamental problem with Romney and despite this problem, the party still shoved him at us. They really expect him to win in November? Is this not another Bob Dole ” we see the handwriting on the wall” but we will hope for a miracle. Yeah, keep hoping, but we aint praying. 🙂 Because we are conservative does not mean we agree with everything the Republicans do.  This choice was a big miss.

Hey, I am sure Romney is a nice man in his own way. You do not get to marry that kind of wife and keep her if you are a big jerk. I do like his wife but her husband is not, at least from all I have seen, suited to run our country.

Anyway, my prayer is that Obama is working hard to stay in office. Yes, I am praying for him to win.  I do want him to finish what I started. I like President Obama a lot, and like what he has done thus far. However, even if I did not like our dear President Obama, I would have voted against Romney by voting for him. I am stunned that the Republican party has once again done the “now its your turn” selection of a Presidential candidate. This does not show any love for the country.  Just choose someone who is electable????? How about what they do when they get elected?? Does that not matter? Look at the state of our country. Do we just need electable???? Do we not need someone who knows what he is doing and who has a real desire for service like President Obama a former community organizer?

With Hillary and Obama, these were two intellectual heavy weights. I loved watching their debates and think Hillary would have been a great President too. Watching Romney, I do not know what to think. I do not see any heavy intellectual “know-how” oozing from him. He seems arrogant and entitled and many fellow Republicans think so. Is it his continuing gaffes or that wolfish super rich, I ride with the birds look. Hahaha…. 🙂

Seriously though, maybe I am just angry at the party. So this is the best the Republican party could come up with for the United States of America? A Massachusetts Liberal now “turned” Conservative to win the Presidency at all costs. What happened to love for the country and desire to tend a hurting country and a people devastated by economic pain.

The party is out of touch. Discussing women and contraception and other nonsense at this 99th hour. This is the party of the Conservatives???How annoying. Thank God we have hope in President Obama. Thank God for common sense.

I hope other moderate Republicans vote, like me, for Obama. The Republican party needs a clear message. They need an overhaul and refocus. The party is still not inclusive or in-touch. Thank God for a good President. Thank God for President Obama.