Nothing quiets the screams in life like God and trust in him

Nothing makes life so clear as Christ and the reach out to him.

I wonder sometimes how people without God live

How do you live when all you have is you?

What do you do when you find that the quest for man to find Spirit in his environment, is God given?

Have you tried God to see if God works, because he does, not in our own time but his.

Does your laughter fall dry when you see that no matter what, I still trust God. He above all is my hope my Lord in whom I trust.

I do believe because God also lives in me. I rejoice because I live with this explosive truth.

With all my study, living and looking, nothing has been more real and more tangible to me than my worship and relationship with my God. God is my all in all. God is my everything. My very reality.

I do not believe because I have been told, I believe because I have lived without God and with God and I know there is no compare.

Thank God for Faith in life and Hope in the Almighty, my God.


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