Anne Romney is Awesome!

I think if Ms. Romney was the front-runner, things would be somewhat different. She is personable, dignified and appears strong without being fake and odd. She could probably do much better as the candidate.  I like her as do many other Republicans and non Republicans.

The Kennedy’s were very rich, yet the middle class felt comfortable with them. The Bush’s were rich and yet they did not come across as looking down on the rest of the 99%. Somehow, Romney’s wealth has tainted his world view.  He seems country clubish, removed and all weird. I dunno why. But his wife seems unscathed by the trappings on wealth and infact seems kind, connected and quite simply awesome.

Well, that being said, I still LOVE Michelle Obama. She is a lawyer like me, an awesome advocate for issues that matter, she is a shinning beacon of light for young women and all around awesome.

As for Ms. Romney, I think she is awesome too. I love Michelle Obama but Anne Romney seems to give hope to the tattered Republican brand. She might be the only tool her husband has in helping him in this race.

Michelle is a hard act to follow but the good news is that unlike Callista and the birth machines of other candidates, Anne Romney seems to be a real person who can give life to the Republican brand. That being said, no one can hold a candle to Michelle Obama, I respect and love her. I rarely fawn over anyone in public office but she makes me proud as a Lawyer, woman of color, mother and all around bright woman. She is awesome.

Hopefully, we will see and hear more of Ms. Romney on the campaign, and who knows she might begin to be almost as endearing as Michelle Obama is to the American populace.

However, wives aside,  Obama should be allowed to complete a second term and complete what he has started. 🙂  Yes, I am Republican and I call it as I see it because I love this country. Obama is the best candidate for this position, at least based on his past performance. President Romney? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   *gasp* I need air….