About me and this Blog

Decided to put my musings on a blog. Will write as often as I can. I am Black, Republican and so so amazed by many other things in the USA, related and unrelated to politics. I will write about them all.

I did not spend my formative years or youth in the USA and have found that my perceptions as an African elite have affected my world view and will undoubtedly lead to some of my posts seeming a tad vitriolic, I think.

As for describing myself as the African elite, well, clasp your pearls all you want (HA) but that is what we were when I lived and grew up there. There were labels and tags and we did not feign and pretend that they did not exist. The difference was that it did not change the balance in our society. We just accepted things as they were and lived happily and in peace for the most part.

Now I live in the West-here in the USA. Married to an American and living, largely, a very Americanized life style.

 Politics fascinates me because it permeates so much in the American cultural fabric and lives. The media drives politics and people are enthralled and largely controlled by TV et al.

I am a lawyer. Have many advanced degrees. Why? Because I love study and learning. Being lettered is useless, I have found, if you cannot use it to understand and positively manipulate your world.

I will write on everything. I do my own thing. Oh, I also like Joyce Meyer. Where that comes into all this I do not know. But what the heck, it is my blog.

Happy reading!