Elections and the desperate media

I do not mean to knock the media. There are some of them I truly like and enjoy like Chris Mathews, Soledad O’Brien and the master of fun and unserious trivia himself, Bill Oreilly! 🙂  I probably misspelled all their names but that is probably okay since America is ranked really low on education world wide *hahahaha*

When you follow politics with this near manic 24-hour cycle the press is compelled to do because of lack of news, things become really skewed. Every remark made by “poor” now jeans wearing Romney is magnified, and he is made to look like a man who just wants to be President because he feels he deserves it. The truth? Who knows. He is too busy trying to hide the fact that he is fabulously wealthy in a nation hurting from poverty that we do not know whom he is. Who is he anyway?

As for Santorum, I am a Christian conservative who votes my mind and conscience, however, Santorum is one scary dude. He seems like someone who will wage war on China for chop sticks or anything else. As for his obsession with abortion and women’s ve jay jay’s, I can only surmise that he is totally in need of more nookie or just lacks a real perception of what the general public cares about.

Conservative or not, I am a woman and I HATE men or anyone else telling me about my body or what to do about my reproductive system. Do women discuss men’s penis  sizes and actions in politics. Maybe some female politician should pass sponsor a bill hat prevents 3 minute in bed, poor lovers from contesting for political office. That is how stupid the debate on women’s reproductive rights really seems.

New flash to all—America is a promiscious society. Sex is thrown at us even in bubble gum ads. Children are led to believe that premarital sex is fine and that sex is a part of the dating game. Sex in America is like brushing your teeth. Then, after all this liberal sex, there is some fake hysteria about birth control pills and abortion???????  These silly politicians are dealing with the consequences of such a sexually permissive society (our morals or lack thereof have been exported world wide *yeah weep, everyone wants to be American like*). If you want to legislate birth control start with minimizing sexual promiscuity. Everyone is having sex with everything. Consequently, folks will use birth control and commit abortions. So start from the source if you are really interested in restoring morality. This fake political hoopla over women’s vagina’s is old and tired and quite frankly annoying.

By the way, this whole morality thing in politics is stupid. Politicians are not the best people to try and legislate morality seeing as they lack credibility for the most part.  Hey, yeah, I believe it is important to be moral and upright. I am conservative after all. But right now, I think we should be thinking of ways to help the economic recovery take off.

Obama, to me, is doing a great job. He has done some wonderful things and more remains to be done. If the Republicans want to get the votes of Independent folks like me who happen to be registered as Republicans, then they have to do more than wear jeans and rail against a hard working president.

As for the discussion of our vaginas. The more they do this, the less likely they are to take over the office of the Presidency. Maybe the chaos in the Republican party is all for the better. God probably wants Obama to finish what he started.

I wish one of these folks would be sincere enough to give the President credit even about something as glaring as his success in the auto industry. That would make them seem human and in touch. Instead of this Obama non stop bashing. It seems so churlish and makes the party appear to lack a plan. Do they have a plan. Oh one percenters, do you have a plan?lol

Thank God, I vote independently otherwise I would have started making plans to relocate to Europe. Oh, wait, they are in the same mess. Except for the racially insensitive country of Germany. Emm….. I guess we will just wait and see what happens.